The secrets of your long-life milk
By Starts at 60 WritersIn HealthOn Thursday 20th Apr, 2017

The secrets of your long-life milk

That carton of long-life milk that is in the cupboard might hold the key to a scientific breakthrough. 

Scientists are looking at the proteins in long-life milk that when are heated up, turn to a gel that is very similar to plaque build up in the body that causes disease like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and type 2 diabetes.

Australian National University Professor John Carver told the ABC, “It’s a well-known phenomenon that if you leave UHT milk around on the bench for a few months it will form a gel and it obviously leads to the inability to use that milk”.  Mr Carner believes that if scientists can find a way to keep this change from happening that it would unlock the door to stopping some of these diseases.  He said, “One way to prevent the disease from developing is to stop the formation of these plaque deposits.

“There’s lots of interest in what causes the formation of these amyloid fibrils, but also their prevention.”

While researchers are looking at long-life milk and its ability to make this change; they want to urge the public that there is no connection between long-life milk and these diseases. That the gel that forms similar to the plaque buildup in the body made under extreme conditions that don’t in the body. The connection between the two are research purposes only.

Do you use long-life milk over standard milk?  Which do you prefer?

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