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There are so many things that can make us happier and healthier, and if you’re feeling great, you mightn’t have time to realise just what it is that makes you tick.

According to The Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia Survey, which surveyed nearly 20,000 Australians, there are many revealing details about the things that we believe keep us happy and healthy.

There’s actually quite a few surprising revelations too. For example, did you know that Australians who consume up to 42 alcoholic drinks per week (six drinks per day on average) are still reporting high levels of short-term health and well-being? With that said, it is definitely not advised to drink more than two standard drinks a day.

Exercising every day is crucial to feeling healthy, according to the survey, as is quitting the ciggies. Another surprising finding was that the whole “work-life balance” is overrated – the more people work the better their health is.

Perhaps the most interesting finding in the survey was how retirement affects our overall wellbeing. Hint: don’t retire. We’re more likely to have poor health if we retire because work gives us purpose, and without purpose we can feel lost and depressed.

Having a partner can be a blessing or a curse – if you’re a man, having a partner is great for your health, but women don’t see any health or wellbeing benefits from being married or partnered. Interesting!

It’s obvious but overweight people are more likely to be feeling unhealthy and unhappy, though those who are underweight are even more at risk of feeling very unwell.

When it comes to where you should live, the survey was pretty clear. Move to a small, quiet town, move to Queensland and get to know your neighbours. Women living in the Sunshine state were more satisfied with their life than any other place in the country.


Tell us, what’s your secret to being happy and healthy? 

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  1. Love the last paragraph. Always knew living in Qld made you happy after living in NZ and Canberra for many years and shivering through bitterly cold winters. Here it’s blue skies, long walks at dusk
    without freezing your butt off and pleasant alfresco dining all year round – not to mention gorgeous beaches with water that won’t turn you blue!

  2. I believe happiness is an individual thing. I am happiest in my own company. I find it relaxing and congenial. Not everybody is.
    I am happy with simple things, my needs are taken care of and my wants are not beyond my means.
    I love the people in my life a lot and enjoy social interaction, I am always happy coming home, kicking my shoes off, thinking,’its fun going out, but coming home is the best feeling ever.’

    1 REPLY
    • Feel exactly the same Philomena….. As a widow I had to get used to it but I love my life and am never lonely. I had a beautiful husband who couldn’t be replaced so I will continue with my lovely life as it is.

  3. Yes Janet O’Connor, it must be a tough adjustment that you had to make and I admire you for counting your blessings and being able to enjoy your single life.
    I chose the single life because at 50 and divorced, I was over having to fight men off who seemed to have one thing in mind, if you get my drift?
    Even at 66. I have had to steer clear of my next door who was seeking a woman to,’look after him.’
    So in staying single you have kept yourself in good shape in my opinion.
    I am not bitter and enjoy male company just dont seek it. They really cant help the way they are made after all.

  4. Once I left the workforce MY health improved. No more stress headaches or IBS. I actually went off on long service for a year thinking that if I got sick I’d be able to use all the sickness days I accrued. Of course I had optimum health during that time.

  5. It’s so true . So many of my friends are on their own and definitely not suffering any setbacks. All busy women and ‘ kicking the shoes off’ is never truer.

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