The one small diet change you could make to reduce your risk of heart disease

If you have high cholesterol or are at a heightened risk of heart disease, there are a number of small

If you have high cholesterol or are at a heightened risk of heart disease, there are a number of small changes you can make today to avoid becoming a victim of Australia’s biggest killer. One of them has just been discovered and the good news is it not only tastes great but can stave off cardiovascular issues.

Two handfuls of walnuts a day could help stave off heart disease, a new study has revealed.

How? Well, the tree nuts lower total cholesterol levels in the body, one of the main causes of heart attacks. Walnuts contain important nutrients such as unsaturated fats, protein, vitamins and minerals, all beneficial to our heart health.

According to Dr Michael Falk, one of the authors from the Life Sciences Research Organisation, “Our study results further support the growing body of research that tree nuts, such as walnuts, can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases”.

“Tree nuts contain important nutrients. Walnuts are the only nut that provide a significant amount – 2.5g per one ounce serving – of alpha-linolenic (ALA), the plant-based form of omega-3”, he said in the study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Dr Falk and his team conducted 61 controlled trials to arrive at their conclusions. They found walnuts are effective in lowering total cholesterol, LDL – ‘bad’ cholesterol – and ApoB, the primary protein found in LDL cholesterol.

The findings show the benefit can be achieved from consuming at least two servings – 50g – of walnuts each day.

The results also showed that eating walnuts may also lower the risk of heart disease in individuals with type 2 diabetes.

These latest findings come after more than two decades of research into the benefits of walnuts for cardiovascular disease.

Walnuts are also packed full of protein and fibre, making it a great all-round snack.

Tell us, will you be trying to eat more walnuts?

  1. I hate taking statin medication…so will definately try the walnuts. Thanks.

    • Hi Sue, just giving you some info, my cholesterol was 8.9 tryglicerides 6 there the ones that statins don’t get rid of, saw heart doctor, can’t take statins so he put me on high dosage liquid fish oil 9000 mil a day for six weeks now Tryglicerides down to 1.3 total 3.5 I eat walnuts everyday, 9000 mil equals ten mil liquid form, I don’t take statins they don’t agree with me, good luck it worked for me plus diet change exercise, hope this info is useful for you

      • Rachel  

        I can’t take fish oil as I’m on a blood thinner for my AF. Anyone on statins should also be taking CoQ10.

    • Suzanne Karen Crofts Wow Suzanne that is great to hear. I would definitely try the fish oil except I am allergic to it, it gives me oral thrush. Well done, wish I could quit the statins. I will try the walnuts and see if it helps.

  2. My blood pressure tablets have all kinds of horrible side effects that I’m not enjoying at all, so I will definitely give them ago then speak to my doctor about the possibility of getting of the Twynsta.

  3. If I followed all the “do eat” and “do not eat” tips I find on the web – I would just be totally confused

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