The great dental floss scam

The truth is out there… If you visit your dentist regularly you’d be familiar with the spiel that by flossing regularly you’ll be preventing gum disease and cavities. Turns out, this might be a bit of a furphy.

According to the Associated Press, there is very little proof that flossing actually works.

Dental organisations and governments the world over have long claimed that flossing your teeth removes the food that gets stuck between your teeth and turns into plaque. By removing plaque your chances of suffering tooth decay, gum disease and gingivitis are lowered.

However, in its article published in August, the AP claims it conducted an intensive investigation into research on flossing and found no evidence it was effective. It also claims that the United States Government has admitted to it that research into the value of flossing remains inconclusive.

This is quite a revelation… Surely it’s up there with many of the great conspiracy theories?

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As you’d expect dental associations have been quick to criticise the Associated Press for its report.

Despite recent reports that question the efficacy of flossing, the Australian Dental Association’s Dr Peter Aldritt says the benefits are obvious and people should continue the practice.

While the American Dental Association says on its website that flossing remains an “essential part of taking care of your teeth and gums”.

Apparently, it’s all in the technique. It’s one thing to make flossing a part of your dental health care routine, quite another to do it properly. We found a video that might just help you out.

It makes you wonder who to believe now, doesn’t it?

Will you be giving floss the toss? Or do you support the calls for flossing your teeth to ensure good dental hygiene?