The Government’s massive Medicare backflip

This past weekend, we reported on the Government’s controversial changes to Medicare that was going to leave Australians suffering from

This past weekend, we reported on the Government’s controversial changes to Medicare that was going to leave Australians suffering from chronic illnesses and GPs at risk. Now it seems that the Government has joined the gymnastics team as they have performed a massive backflip on the idea.

Just three days after announcing the changes the Federal Government has announced that they are backing away from the changes and looking for other options. This came as it was revealed that the Government didn’t consult the changes with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. Shouldn’t the Government know that you should always consult your GP before any massive changes to lifestyle?

The President of the RACGP told The Daily Telegraph that if the Government had gone through with the changes that patients “On their sixth and subsequent non-chronic disease-related visits, they will either have to pay full out of pocket costs for the service, or they will wind up in an emergency department”.

The limit on the five visit cap was denied by Health Minister Sussan Ley who tweeted out on Monday, “No limit to Medicare fee for service under health care homes. 5 appts departmental guide only. Opt-in not capitation. Co-designed with docs!”

Now the department is claiming that the cap was never actually on the table. An official statement said, “The Department amended it to make it clear that there is no hard cap or limit on the capability of GPs to bill MBS services not related to an enrolled patient’s chronic conditions. The Department says it had nominated five as a notional number for planning purposes for these services and that it was based on clinical advice. The number of fee-for-service episodes of care will not be capped or restricted and will be monitored during stage one of Health Care Homes”.

Great news for those that were going to be affected by the changes to Medicare.

  1. Frank  

    now we just need to support the nurses whose ad I saw on TV last night – the NSW Government has given 6 public hospitals to private companies with plans for more

    OK with you – more efficient ? OK how well do you think you will be treated by an exhausted stressed-out nurse on a low-pay zero-hours contract who has to travel to multiple different part-time job locations to earn enough to pay for her food – let alone her children – cutting corners/mistakes any ?

    Time to Stop the NSW government stealing our future – we don’t want a US-style healthcare system – where my partner’s broken bone – treated for free in our great public hospitals – would instead cost us $45,000 – I’ve read that most US citizens are one uninsured health emergency away from poverty and homelessness – do you want that ?

    If not – join the protest – to Stop the NSW Government Stealing our Future !

  2. patricia dick  

    Remember this next time you vote. They are trying every which way to destroy Medicare
    If they can’t do this, they will do the next thing they think of. This is the crowd that all
    have their snouts in the trough at our expense. Just remember!!

    • Claire Hancock  

      Unfortunately, Patricia, too many of the voting public have a very short memory.

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