The diet that makes men better in bed!
By Starts at 60 WritersIn HealthOn Wednesday 11th Feb, 2015

The diet that makes men better in bed!

It’s a fact of life that as men get older some body parts get slower and normally it doesn’t bother us too much, until it comes to the bedroom. The answer to this problem is viagra – or as researchers have just discovered, a very specific diet.

Erectile dysfunction is often linked to poor vascular health. The healthier the blood vessels, the healthier the man and the penis is no exception. Dr Athanasios Angelis, a cardiologist from the Hippokration Hospital in Athens has said that eating healthy foods helps to clean out the blood vessels, especially the narrow ones in the penis that are essential for a man to perform.

In particular the mediterranean diet is highly beneficial. Eating fish, olive oil, plenty of fresh vegetables and the off glass of wine all contribute to increasing cardiovascular health and having a positive effect on the capacity to perform in the bedroom.

This means that viagra can be unnecessary by changing the diet. Dr Angelis said, “What those pills do is substitute substances that can’t be produced in the body due to poor vascular health. They help restore a proper vascular response. But if we can restore vascular function by adopting a healthy lifestyle, we can reverse at least the first stages of the disease without drugs.”

He also recommended that the diet also includes plenty of cereals, fruit and vegetables, salads, nuts, olive oil, fish and poultry – but no kebabs. Red meat, once per week, is enough and even two or three small glasses of wine a day.

If that’s all that is needed to make our men better in the bedroom then we like it!

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