The checklist to determine if you will develop Alzheimer's disease

There’s a simple personality test you can take to detect the very early signs of Alzheimer’s disease, according to scientists.

Experts have found that the symptoms of mild behavioural impairment (MBI), a condition they believe could predict the onset of dementia, could be diagnosed using a checklists.

They believe your mood and behaviour changes before you develop the typical memory loss associated with dementia, which would allow doctors to identify the condition much earlier.

All you’d have to do is complete a questionnaire.

Health professionals attending the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Toronto, Canada revealed that personality changes should be treated as a main and early indicator of dementia.

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Proposed it a 35-question checklist for symptoms, which includes anxiety, a lack of motivation and repetitive behaviour. Other questions are:

  • Has the person lost interest in family, friends or home activities?
  • Has the person developed sadness or appear to be in low spirits? Does he/she have episodes of tearfulness?
  • Is the person less affectionate and/or lacking in emotions when compared to their usual self?
  • Has the person become more easily frustrated or impatient? Does he/she have trouble coping with delays or waiting for events, or for their turn?
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    Participants are advised that they should only circle ‘yes’ if their behaviour has been present for at least six months and is unusual to them.

    When all questions have been answered the scores will be totalled by a health care professional who will determine your level of risk.

    Are you concerned about the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia as you get older? Does someone in your family have the disease?