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Through the 60s, 70s and 80s, there were very few things that we truly considered bad for our health. One of the biggest, were microwave ovens.

For so long we’ve debated over whether or not the radiation is bad for our food and bad for our health. Some people say it’s awful and refuse to use them. Fears of cancer were dominant and most people believed that their food was sucked of all nutrients. However, we’ve continued using them and living in fear out of the sheer convenience they offer us. So it’s time to find out for once and for all, whether or not they are actually harmful and dangerous.

The American Chemical Society has kindly decided to give us all some clarity on the issue and released a video (below) that spells it out very clearly.

The ACS explains that radiation isn’t necessarily radioactive, despite popular confusion surrounding the relationship between the two terms. Plus, the amount of radiation that you would be exposed to even if you pressed yourself two inches or less from a microwave oven for the entire span of its usage in your home wouldn’t even be enough to make you grow a sixth finger—let alone if you’re a couple of feet away from the microwave when you use it, which is much more likely. “There has never been any research to show that microwave ovens can cause any long-term damage to people, so let’s just drop it, folks,” the narrator says.

And if food quality is your issue, then stop the stressing. The video reveals that microwaving your food is actually one of the best ways to maintain its nutritional value despite being led to believe the complete opposite. An unaffiliated 2003 study found that aside from ascorbic acid, microwaving vegetables actually retains more of their nutrients than boiling or blanching them.

So watch for your self below and tell us, do you trust this new information on microwaving your food? Do you trust that microwaves won’t give you health problems? Share your thoughts in the comments below… 


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  1. Quickest and easiest way to cook veges, ensuring they aren’t overcooked and mushy. Been doing it for years.

  2. Love the microwave. The only problem I ever had was way back when and involved a young son who decided to heat his frankfurts in the new microwave. How do you heat frankfurts? In a pan of water of course. So: ss pan with plastic handle half filled with water and frankfurts. Into the microwave and switch on. Result? Arcing, burnt phenolic plastic, foul stench and a microwave totally black inside. Even more exciting than exploding eggs or potatoes 🙂

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    • If I buy frankfurts which is rare..I put them in a 1 ltre take away food container and cover cover them with boiling water and cook for 2 minutes..they are fine

    • Thanks Leanna Stephenson, I do know how to do it. My point was what my young son did way back. We had just bought the microwave and he had never used it before.

    • A hilarious story – I think everyone’s had a microwave malfunction before… My family’s involved a frozen poppa with aluminium wrapping inside!!!

    • new microwave dont read instructions tried to cook rice continually trying to get it to cook result bowl melted and rice was still in luke warm water. read instructions next time

    • Son decided to cook egg in the microwave, what a mess for mum to clean up. Next time son read instructions.

  3. As a tech. I believe radio frequency radiation is fine for foods – not unlike some medical tests too, but keep a heathly distance from a microwave whilst cooking.
    The manufacturers agree – thats why you view though a metal mesh.
    How much microwave radiation at a certain close distance causes tumours and the like? Don’t know and don’t want to find out.

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    • That has been my only safeguard, dont let the kids stand in front of it. Just in case….lol

  4. LOOOVE my Microwave…. one of my fav kitchen tools. Quick, easy and efficient. Using one for for over 30 yrs …first one was in an RSL kitchen ……. was so impressed bought one for home. Have had abt 4 now.

  5. I have a convection microwave and l make the best cakes and muffins in it as the temp is correct l have never had a dud cake yet makes great roasts and warms up dinners if needed

  6. Bought first micro in 1978. Couldn’t get handle that it could cook from frozen to done in such small time turned joint pork into rock hard inedible waste. Learned well. Now I don’t care if it’s killing me. Too convenient.

  7. The vast majority of research still shows microwaves destroy vitamins in food, so I will go the old fashioned way and have more flavor to.

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  8. Don’t trust anything that scientists tell us anymore.They have been sooooooooooo wrong tooooooooo many times.The only thing I use a microwave for is to quickly heat something up.About time people woke up and started thinking about what these so called smart people tell us at time.It is not always the truth and even they disagree with each other.

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    • Its not the scientists being wrong its the idiot cooks and naturopaths who misinterpret their results either because they dont have enough education or are just trying to make money from the gullible

  9. We have been using micro wave ovens for over 30 years now. If they were bad for you I dare say there would be evidence of it by now. LOL

  10. My kids used to put empty potato crisp packets in and heat them up. The packet would shrink to about 1 inch square. They would leave it to harden then pierce a hole in one corner and thread their sleepers (earings) through the hole and wear them as earings.

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