The amazing older Australians proving age is just a number

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Feros Care are currently running an inspiring senior photo contest: take a photo of somebody over 70 being “bold, not old” and win $2,000.

The entries so far have been an absolutely wonderful reminder that age should not stop anybody from being active, energetic, fun selves.

If you (or somebody you know) has a similarly inspiring story to tell, or even simply a fun photo to share, now’s your chance to enter! Click here to submit your photo to the competition, or read to see some of the best entries to date!

Diane Akenhead, 77, is a passionate elephant enthusiast who has never had the chance to meet them up close until now. When the chance came, she didn’t hold back

“If you worry about your age it stops you from living!” says Diane.

“ How would you behave if you didn’t know how old you were? I pretend I’m not 77. I’ve just come from the gym, I work out in an hour class four days a week. I don’t want anyone to help me out of my armchair.

It is important to overcome the little voice inside you. The voice telling you to stay at home, or come on, you are getting old! I have learned not to listen to the pessimistic remarks about getting older. I don’t even think about it anymore and remind myself I am an MM  – Mature and Motivated.”


Garth Barfoot, 80, was the oldest competitor in the Ironman 70.3 World Championships on the Sunshine Coast.

Garth set an incredible example to his passionate supporters, who stuck around to the very end to cheer him on as he crossed the finish line.

Even when physical limitations can hold you back, older Australians are defying the stereotypes of ageing.


Margaret McAtasney, 85, recently achieved a huge personal triumph. Just six months ago she could not walk without a walker. She has fought cancer twice, had a foot reconstruction and lives with a heart condition. But none of these setbacks could beat her.

Margaret’s twice-weekly gym sessions have helped her build up the physical strength to regain her valued independence. She can now walk again unaided.

“You don’t think of your age or your illness,” says Margaret. “You just think’ yes, I’m going to try that!’”

“Age is no excuse to miss out. I’ve just done my Zumba workout! You’ve got to join in, or you won’t get better.”


Betty Burns, 78, spent much of her life with a fear of heights. On holiday with her family at the Mt Eliza YMCA camp, she was persuaded by her grandson to try the ropes course.

“I thought to myself, don’t be silly, just do it! Fear is all in the mind!”

She is now an avid ropes course enthusiast.

“My one regret was refusing to hold a white python when I visited Australia Zoo one year,” says Betty. “From that day onwards, I decided if things came my way, then I would have a go!”

“You are only as old as you feel!”


Audrey Kuchel, 92, is a proud solo traveler who never shies away from adventure.

Widowed at 66, she has maintained an extremely active lifestyle over the years that would put many younger people to shame. She travels the world, knits for disadvantaged children, gardens and reads avidly.

Last year she became the oldest woman to complete the Fijian zipline. Despite overcoming recent leukemia treatment, she continues to live life to the full.

These active seniors are helping Feros Care show the world that age really is just a number. They’d love to see your photo or hear your story (or that of a friend or family member). Entering is quick, easy, and could score you an extra $2,000 to spend this Christmas!

Enter a photo or video below of somebody over 70 being “bold, not old” for your chance to win:



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