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Taking the next step: how to talk to a parent about home care

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If you have an elderly parent who is starting to struggle at home, there are some enormously effective ways they can remain active, independent and involved in the community.

By signing up for home care, they can receive the exact level of assistance they need, freeing up a large portion of their life for the activities and passions that truly matter.

It doesn’t need to be a major commitment; sometimes home care can be as simple as a few errands here, some light housework there, and friendly regular check-ins for peace of mind.

Nonetheless, asking for this help can feel like an enormous turning point in somebody’s life, and it’s not a subject that can be raised lightly. If you are considering speaking to a loved one about home care, the following considerations may make it easier.

If you feel a loved one could benefit from some extra help, but aren’t sure how to proceed, Feros Care are happy to speak with you about how to move forward. Click here to discuss the next step.

1. Think of the independence gained, not lost

While asking for help may seem like an admission of defeat, a home carer’s role is to empower your loved one with more independence. In short: it’s a very effective way to stay young.

If health, safety or mobility concerns are getting in the way of an active lifestyle, home care can often reduce or remove the obstacle. A carer can even help arrange social activities that will bring out the best in a loved one.

2. Consider the other times a home professional has helped

A working mother wouldn’t hesitate to hire a babysitter. When the washing machine breaks down, we call a repairman. Many of us have booked a regular cleaner or gardener at some point in our lives.

A home carer offers the same fundamental service: performing difficult or time-consuming tasks we cannot perform ourselves.

3. Explore the ways the government can help

In many cases, Government Home Care Packages can offer financial support for a range of home care needs, from basic assistance to high-level nursing.

Thanks to recent changes in legislation, this system offers more flexibility than ever before, allowing your loved one to carefully customise the way this money is allocated with their home care provider. Click here to learn more.

4. Weigh it against the potential cost of not seeking help

If sought out early enough, home care can postpone the need for aged care accommodation for years. Simply put, there is no better way to remain in your own home as long as possible.

5. Find peace of mind with home monitoring technology

Safety technology has come a long way in recent years. Feros Care can install sophisticated, affordable monitoring systems that can detect a fall or emergency without compromising privacy. If your loved has suffered falls in the past, this option could prove life-saving.

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