Sweeteners linked to dangerous disease

Doctors have found a dangerous link between artificial sweeteners and diabetes after conducting a major study in Canada. The study

Doctors have found a dangerous link between artificial sweeteners and diabetes after conducting a major study in Canada.

The study found that using certain artificial sweeteners actually decreases your ability to manage your glucose intake, which is directly linked to diabetes.

The study looked at sweeteners containing ­aspartame, which is used in Equal and NutraSweet brands, and found they had a negative effect on the body.

While they do help you to cut down the calories and potentially lose weight, the link to diabetes has many health professionals worried.

“Because of the potential health dangers and weight implications of natural sugars, use of low-calorie sweeteners has grown in popularity,” wrote the study’s authors in the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism.

“However, there is surprisingly little research showing a long-term health benefit of low-calorie sweeteners.”

The study looked at almost 3000 adults and found those who used sweeteners containing aspartame had a lower tolerance to glucose.

Jennifer Kuk of York University’s school of kinesiology and health science, said: “Our study shows that individuals with obesity who consume artificial sweeteners, particularly aspartame, may have worse glucose management than those who don’t take sugar substitutes.”

Do you use sweeteners with your tea and coffee? Were you aware of the dangers associated with sweeteners?

  1. Anna Kudray  

    I’m no expert – but logic tells me that if I want to cut down on calories from sugar, I simply use less. Anything with the word “artificial” should serve as a warning beacon. Besides, when I did try Artificial Sweeteners, they tasted – well…artificial!

  2. Heather  

    Did use them. Heard they can cause Cancer has well. So now go without any sugar or sweeters in hot drinks. Got use to going with out now….. √ that off my long list of things that can hurt me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…….

  3. Frances  

    Does that include NATV’IA claiming to have no artificial nasties. Anyting synthetic is a worry.

    • [email protected]  

      You are in trouble then! Everything, and I do mean everything that you eat and drink (including plain old water) is artificial and/or synthetic. Humanity has modified at some stage every last thing that you consume.

  4. Glenda  

    I use Natv’ia with the claim it uses the natural plant Stevia, is this included in this topic?

    • I wouldn’t use saccharin. But I’ve been using Natvia for the last year, and haven’t noticed any ill effects. I have about ten cups of tea a day with it.

  5. I have used Sugarine in my coffee for 40 years. I drink about 4 cups a day. I have had Diabetes and Hypothyroid Desease since 2001.

  6. Vivyenne  

    Would also like to know about Stevia as I have Diabetes 2 and this was suggested to me to use if I needed a sweetener for cooking etc.

    • Rosemary Miles  

      I would expect Stevia to be fine. It’s a natural plant. My son grows it in his veggie garden. You can pick a leaf, crush it in your hand and chew it and taste the sweetness – it’s almost sickly sweet.

  7. Loraines  

    But Natvia is is horrible. Makes tea taste like it has sour milk in it.
    I simply cut down my sugar from 2 to 1. 1 tsp of sugar is not going to kill me. People obsess way too much IMHO.
    I’m Type 2, btw. Lost 10% of my body weight and now blood sugar is in control.

  8. Faye Dapiran  

    I have been using Equal for about 12 years, and used Hermasetas before that, but read that can lead to cancer. My mother used artificial sweeteners for about 50 years of her life and lived to 88 with no diabetes, which I don;t have either and I am 68. My sister who is 72, also uses Equal, and has used it for longer than me, and she doesn’t have diabetes either. I guess it depends on other things in your system and the biological makeup of your body.

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