Study reveals whether you should have a male or female doctor

The battle of the sexes is well and truly alive after a study revealed that when it comes to treating
Your better off choosing one doctor over another.

The battle of the sexes is well and truly alive after a study revealed that when it comes to treating patients, one sex is much better than the other.

A team of researchers from Harvard University have spent months looking into mortality rates in hospitals for patients over the age of 65.

What they found surprised many and has sent people around the world cheering for the ladies.

That’s right. The study found that patients treated by female doctors in hospital are less likely to die.

In fact, patients treated by women are 4 per cent less likely to pass away and have a 5 percent lower risk of being rehospitalized.

Having the right doctor is important to many of us and experts say you should shop around until you find one you feel comfortable.

So should we start factoring in the sex of our doctor when looking for a new one?

The study’s researchers certainly think so, saying the results were consistent across a variety of conditions and differences in severity of illness.

“The difference in mortality rates surprised us,” said research leader Yusuke Tsugawa.

“The gender of the physician appears to be particularly significant for the sickest patients. These findings indicate that potential differences in practice patterns between male and female physicians may have important clinical implications.”

Some people are already saying they will start bases their choice of doctor off this research and look for female doctors from now on.

Others though say it’s all about who you trust and feel comfortable with when it comes to your health.

Would you change your doctor based on these findings? Do you see a male or female doctor? Do you have a preference?

  1. Shirley  

    I had a male doctor for over 20 yrs. I moved and now have a female doc and am now getting decent rest end for chronic pain.

  2. I have had a female doctor for the last three years and she is the best. As I am 60, she does all the necessary checks and has no hesitation in referring me if necessary. She has diagnosed things where other doctors have missed. She is so thorough in her examinations. My daughter goes to to her now too.

  3. Maureen  

    I have been a family GP for 38 years and am a female. I spend a lot of time working out my patients’ problems and doing the best for them.
    Unfortunately this requires longer consultations, which are poorly remunerated under the Medicare system. If you see patients quickly you end up earning a lot more per hour than if you see say 2 patients for 1/2 hour. Medicare also monitors billing patterns and doctors can be investigated for billing ‘too many’ longer items, eg above the median, which has happened to me. Patients usually want bulk billing, which halves the amount we get for a consultation.
    Female doctors in Australia, even specialists, earn much less than their male counterparts, even allowing for factors like reduced hours of work. Female GPs of my age often have little super and can’t afford to retire, especially if single or if they have taken time out to have children. Patients are generally unaware of these problems and in most cases wouldn’t care! Until one day their excellent female doctor has moved on. (BTW I attend a few male specialists who are excellent so I am not biased by gender re doctors.)

    • Women are not equal in any profession Maureen.
      Hopefully future generations will solve this dilemma.
      I find women doctors far more empathetic than male.
      It’s not nice to generalise ….but that’s how I feel.

  4. Gavin  

    I now have a female Doctor after many years of having a male.

    I find that I can talk openly to her and whats more she listens.

    Some male doctors should take a course on listening with out jumping to conclusions!!

  5. That’s really interesting that there was such a difference between male and female doctors. I have only ever had male doctors, but will probably move soon. Maybe in my new city I’ll try a female doctor.

  6. It’s good to know that female doctors can help you to feel more comfortable. My wife is currently pregnant with our first child and I want her to feel very relaxed and at ease. I think that it would be best to have her treated by a woman who could best understand her needs.

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