Study reveals the best diet for women to combat bone loss

New research digs into the relation between what you eat and your bone health.

It’s a scientific fact that as we get older, we lose bone mass.  It is something that can affect women more than men leaving them at risk of osteoporosis and bone fracture.  A new study shows that there is a diet that will help improve your chances of not being one of the over 1.2 million people in Australia with osteoporosis or one of the 6.3 million people with low bone density.

Researchers from the Ohio State University revealed the results of a study that finds the link between what you eat and your bone health.  An anti-inflammatory diet is their recommendation to fight the bone mass loss as we age.

With the help of the Women’s Health Initiative, the conducted the largest health study ever conducted in the US among postmenopausal women.  They used the dietary inflammatory index to understand the relation between food and the risks of hip, lower-arm and total fracture.

Lead researcher, Tonya Orchard told Medical News Today that the study “suggests that as women age, healthy diets are impacting their bones. I think this gives us yet another reason to support the recommendations for a healthy diet”.

The diet should include a stronger lean towards fruit, vegetables, fish, whole grains, and nuts.  The anti-inflammatory properties of these foods could help you in the long term.  The study’s lead author says, “By looking at the full diet rather than individual nutrients, these data provide a foundation for studying how components of the diet might interact to provide benefit and better inform women’s health and lifestyle choices”.

Before any big lifestyle change is made, however, you should consult with your doctor to see if the changes are right for you.

  1. Hans de Rycke, App. Kin. Clin. Kin.  

    The most inflammatory food is dairy in all its forms and shapes. It is good to see the author is not recommending cows milk as beneficial. It is not!

    • Pam  

      TRUE! I am 75, have eaten pretty much that way for over 20 years, no meat, no dairy, and am completely free from osteoporosis and arthritis, and still have all my own teeth.

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