Statins are causing heart attacks, say health experts

Editor’s note: This is not health advice, and we strongly recommend contacting your health professional before ceasing any medications. Health

Editor’s note: This is not health advice, and we strongly recommend contacting your health professional before ceasing any medications.

Health experts are warning people who take statins are more likely to suffer from hardening of the arteries, a leading cause of heart problems.

The findings, published in Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology, are adding to the debate surrounding the drugs, which are given to around one in four adults in Australia.

There has been significant discussion around the drug’s effectiveness, and the ABC reports more than 60,000 Australians cut back on or stopped taking cholesterol-lowering drugs known as statins after a program questioning their effectiveness aired on Catalyst in October 2013.

Despite the evidence, many peak health bodies still say the cholesterol-lowing medication is beneficial and not detrimental to our health.

Professor Harumi Okuyama, whose team studied a series of more than 20 major research papers on the drugs, says they could cause heart disease.

Dr Okuyama, of Nagoya City University, Japan, said: “We have collected a wealth of information on cholesterol and statins from many published papers and find overwhelming evidence that these drugs accelerate hardening of the arteries and can cause, or worsen, heart failure. I cannot find any evidence to support people taking statins and patients who are on them should stop”, reports Express.

The researchers say the hypothesis that statins protect the heart by lowering cholesterol is flawed and that high cholesterol is not necessarily linked to heart disease.

They also found statins have a negative effect on vital body processes linked to heart health.

Researchers found those who take the drugs were more likely to have calcium deposits in their arteries than those who did not – statins block a molecule needed for the body to produce vitamin K, which prevents calcification of the arteries.

Dr Okuyama’s team looked at studies before and after 2004 and found, “The epidemic of heart failure and atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) that plagues the modern world may paradoxically be aggravated by the pervasive use of statin drugs. We propose that current statin treatment guidelines be critically re-evaluated”.


Currently, there doesn’t seem to be a plan to investigate these claims further in Australia, and statins are still being prescribed in droves.

Tell us, do you think that statins are doing you more harm than good, or have you only seen benefits?

  1. Every drug out there causes something else It’s no wonder people are so sick when their older! It’s the med!!!!!

  2. I take lipitor and I am lucky in that I have had no negative side effects. I will certainly have a discussion with my doctor at my next appointment.

    • Get him to do the % test Debbie. They look at age, sex, family history, etc and give you a % indicator as to your chances of having a heart attack. Mine was low so I came off them and finally found a natural supplement that works at lowering cholesterol.

    • Jeanette Southam Can you let me know what natural supplement that you take. As I have high cholesterol and I wont take those statin drugs. Everything else is great for me weight blood pressure and blood sugars I also take fish oil tablets to try and get it down. thanks

    • The efficacy of medications vary from patient to patient depends on our systemic tolerance and reaction. What is acceptable to one may not be true to another one. In my case, the reason why I refused taking medication is to avoid developing chemical idiosyncrasies in my system when chemicals after chemicals overlap with each other. I believe living a healthy and simple lifestyle will go a long way for me with attention to proper nutrition. Yes, discussing your concern with your doctor is the best thing to do.

    • I take lipitor and would not stop taking it , also eat copious amounts cereal , colestral down to healthy levels , 3.5 since heart attack by healthy eating

    • Trecia Thomas I buy it over the internet as I cant find it in chemists or health shops. Had tried a lot of other supplements with no change. It is called Doctor’s Best Red Yeast Rice with CoQ10 made from organic red yeast rice. Prior to that my cholesterol was 6.2 – 6 weeks later I had more bloods done and it was 4.2. Works for me. My doctor was shocked.

  3. Just think of the outcome for these Pharmaceutical (DRUG) Companies if all us oldies stopped our Medications!!
    Damned if we take them, damned if we don’t!! 👵🏼💊🔬

  4. I would not touch any statins & GPs try to force them on you. I control my cholesterol with eating appropriate foods. My cousin almost died with liver disease from statins & her body function has not returned to normal after three years. More pharmaceutical companies making millions for their shareholders & greedy CEOs & manipulating GP’s.

  5. I tried them for about a month and had an adverse reaction. I now take an alternative tablet which I purchase from the chemist – cholestrienol – so far it’s worked a treat.

  6. As I have commented before … statins caused my husband’s body to tissue resulting in life threatening rabdomyelitis. This resulted in health issues I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. They say it took at least 12 years off his life.

    • This also happened with my Mum, Rose. The hospital doctor told us the rabdomyelitis was caused by statins and her organs started shutting down. Her GP wouldn’t believe this was true but took them off her. Also, the same week she came home, Current Affair had two people who were said to have beginnings of dementia which my Mum had, caused by statins my Mum had been on them for years.. Who knows– but I will never be taking them!!!!

  7. Total muscle agony taking statins, the doc tried me on all different brands, no difference, went to different doc, told him the problem, he put me on Lipitor, no muscle problem now

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