Spotting melanoma is as easy as ABCD with this quick guide

If your arms are anything like mine, they’re a minefield of age spots, moles, pigmentations, freckles, dots and I don’t

If your arms are anything like mine, they’re a minefield of age spots, moles, pigmentations, freckles, dots and I don’t even know what else.

But one thing I’m always looking out for is the tell-tale signs of melanoma.

Having a mother who caught hers in time thanks to a wise masseur, I am particularly scrupulous in checking my moles. My husband has the job of checking the back half, but how was I to know he was doing a good job?

Thankfully the Cancer Council has this fantastic infographic that breaks down the tell-tale signs of melanoma and helps us know what to look out for.

Melanoma accounts for one in ten cancer diagnoses and is more common in men that women.

So please, familiarise yourself with this chart, check yourself, check your loved ones and remember to cover up this summer.

melanoma detection guide

Have you experienced melanoma? Did you know what to look out for?

  1. There is a new ap coming out that we should all use. We will photograph all moles etc and the ap will keep track of any growth and change each time we photograph them. This is just a helpful tool and the best prevention is a regular visit to your local skin cancer clinic!

  2. I could feel a spot on my face, it wasn’t visible, size of a pinhead, even my doc couldn’t see it, but had it taken out, was a melanoma, so no matter how small get it checked

  3. You can even get them on the soles of your feet. Twelve month check with a skin cancer clinic is a must.

  4. Melanoma is not always a black spot. I had a melanoma and it looked like a pale pink mole on my back. I showed my dr and he said it was ok. After 18 months, I scratched the top off of it and the dr agreed to take it out.within 2 weeks I was in hospital getting a stage 4 melanoma removed. Big scar on my back but it’s now 5 years and I am all clear. Never take any itchy mole as nothing. Get it checked.

    • Better to get them checked by a Dermatologist than your GP. They’re dealing with it all the time. Good Luck.

  5. It is hard to diagnose. I had one removed and there was no way I would have thought it was a melanoma. Luckily it was insitu and caught early.

  6. Mine started as a pink spot on my ear. Had it removed – melanoma. 8 months later – small lump in my neck. Melanoma had travelled to periotic gland resulting in 4 cm tumor. Had that removed followed by 10 hour surgery to remove periotic gland, lymph glands and 25 hits of radiotherapy. ALL STARTED WITH SMALL PINK SPOT!!!!! BE VIGILANT.

  7. Melanomas can also be skin colour and look more like a small cyst as mine was. I had never heard of this before.

  8. Please be aware of any new moles. I had one on my lower leg. Didn’t look like anything in cancer council pictures. It was a grade three melanoma. I have had two metastasis melanomas since. I now have lymphoedema and have to wear compression stocking every day. Still alive after 25 years though, so one of lucky ones if you can see it that way!!

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