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Snack hacks for your next get-together

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It’s snack time, but what’s great to eat and also packed with healthy energy? Here are some options that will give you a boost without derailing your diet overhaul.

Keep it social

Making healthy food choices doesn’t have to be a solitary activity; making some great tasting and healthy foods can bring people closer together.

Experts say that keeping a social calendar filled with chats and catch-ups is great for your mood and brain activity, so how about making your own corn chips for your next gathering? Rather than reaching for a packet from the supermarket, slicing and baking tortillas to create crunchy chips to go with your dips mean you can control the salt content.  

Homemade salsas, meanwhile, are a fantastic way to get vitamins and minerals into your diet, as well as being handy solution for tomatoes that have gone a little bit squashy.  

Fruit and vegetable platters, with a bit of cheese for calcium, and air-popped popcorn flavoured with cinnamon or other spices, are crowd-pleasers which will increase your fibre and good spice intake.

Be snack-smart

Bananas – a great source of fibre and potassium –  that are sliced, frozen, then put in the blender, make a smooth and creamy ‘ice-cream’ base.  Mix in fruits and nuts for an endless array of homemade ‘ice cream’ options.

Using fruits in baked goods to create sweetness are a good alternative to sugar, and adding few nuts or some flaxseed can boost your afternoon tea’s health quotient. 

Snacking done healthier and tastier than anything you just pull from a shelf. Try a few of these today to see if you don’t have more energy and a boost in your step.

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