Should all men have this procedure to “improve” their lives?

It’s been a wildly debated topic, and perhaps even you had the conversation when your son was a baby…. but

It’s been a wildly debated topic, and perhaps even you had the conversation when your son was a baby…. but now a prominent medical doctor has said all men need it.

According to men’s health expert Dr Paul Turek, of The Turek Clinic in California, circumcision lowers a man’s risk of transmitting sexually transmitted diseases.

The doctor told the Daily Mail circumcision is on the rise – and more adult men are choosing to go under the knife. It reduces their chances of developing penile cancer and can boost fertility, he said.

Dr Turek revealed to Daily Mail Online there are misconceptions about circumcision.

“The American Academy of Pediatrics says it’s not routinely recommended for infants; that’s a change of heart over 50 years ago.

“Circumcision has been associated with a lack of hygiene, and a lack of hygiene has been associated with health issues in kids.

“Currently in America, the only thing that a circumcision does for boys is reduce the rate of urinary tract infections”, he said.

New studies have backed up Dr Turek’s claims there are health benefits for circumcision, resulting in an increase in the number of adult men undergoing the procedure.

“That data is indisputable. It comes from three US government sponsored trials conducted in three locations”, Dr Turek said.

“Effectively the only men who get cancer of the penis – which nobody would ever want – are men who are uncircumcised”, mainly because penile cancer – like cervical cancer – may be caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), thus it can look like warts.

And because circumcision reduces the transmission of HPV, it is thought to also reduce the likelihood of a man developing penile cancer.

Dr Turek also debunked claims circumcision has no effect on sensations felt during sex – some say men without a foreskin feel less pleasure.

The doctor also said circumcision is effective for men are suffering from disorders called phimosis and blanitis.

‘Phimosis is the inability to retract the foreskin. It’s too tight and it can cause problems with sex and fertility’, he said.

‘Balanitis is [the] inflammation of the glands. The head of the penis gets inflamed and itchy or red; sometimes it’s hard to eradicate if the penis is always covered’.

Both are common in diabetics.

So we want to know your thoughts today: Should males be circumcised?

  1. Not just their own lives but the lives of their partners too…..for instance, there is a very low incidence of cervical cancer in Jewish women.

  2. I won’t on principle tell other people what to do. All I will say is that we had our son circumcised at 10 days old. He is 24 now and spent 4 years in the army. He was very grateful to be circumcised when out bush and no shower or bath for up to 3 weeks. A lot of the young men suffered badly with infections. He actually thanked us for making this decision.

    • my son was circumcised Debbie and I have to tell you that I cried more than him but I cried when he was immunized too or even if he fell over and cut himself. I think it is cleaner, so I have no regrets and he has never mentioned it so it can’t bother him

    • I’m the same, I had my sons circumcised & one of them was in the army, I’ve never asked them how it’s going 😬 but when my grandson came along my son had him circumcised as well, so guess they were happy with our decision.

    • When I was pregnant with my first child I asked my obstetrician about this, because my husband wanted it done and he told me it’s barbaric ! I had a premature daughter and she had to stay in hospital until she as over 5 lb. One day when I was in visiting a baby boy went off for this procedure and I stayed with his mother, the poor little darling came back SCREAMING, mother was distraught and said her husband should have been here to see this. Hence, when I had my son 4 years later this wasn’t even an option …… he’s never had a problem.

    • My son was done, his father wasn’t. Being different was never an issue with either of them and I never regretted getting it done

    • My father was in the British Army and when our sons were born my husband and I wanted them circumcised. My father said it was the best thing he’d ever heard as so many men in the Army, especially in the hotter countries had so many problems and had to be circumcised as adults.

    • Victoria Alexandra D’Arienzo The baby boys aren’t anaethsetised which in itself is horrific. I have two sons, one was in the army for 5years and never had any problems…..neither have had any issues.

    • That is because they were not taught correct Bush/Desert Hygiene. We were all taught to squeeze the end of the Foreskin with our Fingers and fill it with Urine before slacking off the Fingers and releasing the Urine onto the Ground. Then ‘Rinse and Repeat’. As Urine is sterile, it flushes out any Bacteria from under the Foreskin, This is basic Hygiene training in the New Zealand Armed Forces.

  3. My father was a Doctor so I was done. If I had sons they would be too. I have daughters lol

  4. Not at birth. Later if they decide to have it done but at 40 my son has had no problems and neither has his father who is 61.

    • Please do excuse my incorrect phraseology Ms Carter. 40 years ago (which it’s the only time I have had any experience in this type of procedure) it was done as soon after birth as practical.

  5. I had it done at birth,now 65yrs old and never had a problem with hygene and had three sons all done and the same thing.Sometimes I think that it was better off than still on,considering the heath issues.Never had a complaint about the missing bit of Skin!

    • No,because it was proven by the fact that I had a lot of success without the extra piece of skin,No infections,and my Wife and I made the perental decision to have it removed.Does that surprise you,as your question was a bit smug.But then again We were entitled to our opinion,as you are.

    • Dennis Nonenmacher yes but how do you know it would not have even been better with the extra covering?.

    • I don’t,but my Father and Mother made the decision when I was born but my Father was in the jungles of New Guinea during WW2 and witnessed the problems with it then.I have been satisfied without the extra skin,but if you still have it the question is the same for you,how do you Know.

    • That’s a Stupid comment,so I take it as a comment from a Stupid person.on your bike Fool.I have the right to make a comment,but it’s obvious that you are looking to make a FOOL of yourself.You have!

  6. my husband was in the RAN and saw all the problems associated with non circumcised men. A neighbour (sailor) had his done as an adult due to problems. he had his son done immediately afterwards to spare him from the same problems.

  7. If I had a son I would have had him circumcised, years ago there was talk that female partners of uncircumcised men were more prone to cervical cancer also because the penis has been covered by the foreskin surely it is more sensitive therefore more prone to premature ejaculating, leaving the partner “out on a limb”?

    • True. Jewish women married to Jewish men evidently have the lowest incidence of cervical cancer.

  8. Definitely not. Apart from the fact that they were born with the extra skin for a reason, they also don’t want to be bullied while growing up by being different from the other boys in that area. Most boys born from the 80s till now, have NOT been circumcised. Apparently the extra skin not only protects the head of the penis but also allows them more sexual pleasure. Circumcising babies without anaesthetic is such a barbaric practice. For the poor babies, the pain must be excruciating. If you don’t believe in female genital mutilation, then you shouldn’t for boys either.

    • its definitely your right to have an opinion,but you cant possibly know,as being a woman the difference in sexual pleasure.It must be something that you have read about,and that is where the TRUTH ends as its up to the individual.

    • Totally agree with Dennis. We had our son circumcised in 1982. Great decision and he and we have never regretted it.

    • So many have to be circumsized in later yrs…including sons of a surgeon cousin who was against it for his sons….all 4 had to be done in early childhood… father in law made me promise to have my sons done shortly after birth (he was never done…a lucky one as he said)

    • You’ve nailed it perfectly. It’s mostly woman on here having their say on mens body parts. How would woman know what is best for men.

    • The doctors didn’t want to do my son. But when he saw his mates at 4yrs he wanted me to get the scissors and do it for him. He pulled the foreskin forward and told me this is what you do. I was straight over to the doctor and he had him at the hospital in no time. He came home and was out running around with no pain . He is stil happy with the outcome. He is now 42 now to turn 43 later in the year.

    • My sons were angry with me for getting it done – until the one in the army realised why I had it done. He did not have the problems the other had. It doesnt seem to interfere with his sex drive or pleasure as he is a root rat. The other one says I should not have had it done as it is not fashionable now.

    • Seems like the females are now the experts on mens issues……just wonder what the response will be if men start airing their expert opinions on female genital mutilations. On keeping it clean … You either do it every day in the shower or just skip the daily showers and experience your problems

    • Patrick Johnson  

      Julie, I think you are very wrong. You cannot say “Most are Not ” circumcised, coz you don’t know that for fact
      Secondly, you are not in a position to determine which group gets less or more pleasure and neither are most men.
      Thirdly, You have no grounds as to teasing numbers. I can refute that categorically having been in boarding school and the army for over 15 years.
      You guess that the pain is excruciating- you do not know, and it is done with anesthesia.
      What gives you the right to claim it is barbaric.
      I think you have a very distorted view on this subject and verging on ignorant.

    • Be  

      Agreee totally….the only reason it has been continued for centuries is hygene, or lack of, during wars. Women have tlo keep their genitalia clean, so should the blokes.

    • Victoria Alexandra D’Ariennza
      It was his father that insisted on it within a week of his birth. His father was circumcised and he thought our baby looked dreadful not done. It was easy. GP did it in his lunchtime. He didn’t cry that afternoon and it was all over.
      I had girlfriends having baby boys at the same time and they didn’t get it done but every one of those boys had to go and be circumcised before they were ten. They all got infections. A great decision. My grandson has been circumcised and I am so pleased he has. It’s not barbaric it’s preventive medicine.

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