Sex problems you needn't worry about

From time to time issues arise in the bedroom that can cause a bit of grief, but just how much should you be dwelling on them? Knowing the difference between those problems that are a big deal and the ones that you shouldn’t allow to get your relationship of track can often be a challenge on its own.

Here we unravel the most common worries people have about getting it on.

1. I’m not turned on by my partner like I used to be
No kidding?! If you’ve been in a relationship for a really long period of time you’ve probably noticed a few changes. Of course when you and your loved one first get together there are those butterfly moments and the moments of extreme passion where you just want to tear each other’s clothes off. That’s normal… But so too is the wearing off of all that super-in-love energy.

When you should be worried? If you find you can’t get sexual with your partner you might want to worry and maybe seek some professional advice about what to do next.

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2. We have different sex drives
Tricky though it may be, the situation where your sex drives are out of sync is actually quite common. Don’t panic. Just because you like to do it in the morning and your partner likes to do it at night doesn’t mean the relationship is toast. Acknowledge and respect that it’s going to take a bit of time for the two of you to get things moving in the right direction, and start planning on ways in which you can meet each other’s needs.

3. I can’t keep it up
Guys, it can be embarrassing when you’re loving it up with your significant other and then the party downstairs closes up shop. Some men can get a little bit anxious. It doesn’t mean you aren’t attracted to your partner, and your partner needs to do their best to avoid laying the blame. Try and keep the focus on making the experience enjoyable for both of you. However, if this is a persistent issue you might want to speak with your doctor about ways in which it can be addressed.

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4. I can’t get an orgasm
There are lots of reasons you might not be able to reach a climax with your partner. Are you feeling stressed? Have you had a falling out with a friend or family member? Could your hormones be sending your body into a spin? If you’re having difficulty, you might want to work on the play time you have in the lead up to getting between the sheets. However, if you haven’t had an orgasm in a few months and there’s no real reason why this would be the case, set a time to meet with your gynaecologist.

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