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So many over 60s suffer from insomnia. Some people simply can’t fall asleep, some just can’t stay asleep and some can only sleep every couple of days for whatever reason. Exercise has always been one of those things that we’re told can help. But no experts have found exactly what exercise is the best and how to completely kick your bad sleeping habits.

To ensure the best quality shut eye, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, advise taking up gardening, running and golf.

Leading researcher, Dr Michael Grandner, from the University of Pennsylvania, said, “Not only does this study show that those who get exercise simply by walking are more likely to have better sleep habits, but these effects are even stronger for more purposeful activities, such as running and yoga, and even gardening and golf.

“It was also interesting that people who receive most of their activity from housework and childcare were more likely to experience insufficient sleep – we know that home and work demands are some of the main reasons people lose sleep.”

Their findings reveal it is not just exercising that counts, but rather the type of exercise that can make all the difference.

Researchers examined the sleep habits of almost half a million adults. They analysed the number of hours’ sleep each person got, as well as the types of physical activity they enjoyed. The results were compared with people whose only form of regular exercise was walking.

So this week, perhaps shake up your exercise habits and give something new a go!

Tell us, do you have sleeping troubles? What helps you to improve them? 


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  1. Nobody can guarantee anybody a good night sleep. The knowledge is not available yet. I regard the question: Did you have a good night sleep last night? as more confronting than: Did you have good sex last night?.

  2. I’m in retail and have spoken to many people over the years. A lady that trains people with sleep apnoea told me that not in one part of the course was a new mattress advised. Our bones harden every 6-8 yrs. Any pressure will have you moving constantly throughout the night there fore never reaching your proper depth of sleep….of course include regular exercise..

  3. Running and golf!!!! Oh yes, my arthritis would take the day off and allow me to do that! Even have trouble getting down to do the gardening – have to sit on the ground, can’t bend for too long any more. And how serendipitis that this article should appear after the night I had last night – turned the light off at 20 to 6 this morning, woke up again just after 8!! Happens regularly.

  4. My remedy for sleepless nights is listening to audio books, borrowed from local library, plugged into portable CD player so as not to disturb my husband. This works well as they ‘quiet’ an active mind, rather like a child being read to sleep. Sleep well…

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