Scientific proof that 60 is the new 40!

Once upon a time, celebrating your 60th birthday meant embracing ‘old age’. Today though, life expectancies have changed and it’s

Once upon a time, celebrating your 60th birthday meant embracing ‘old age’. Today though, life expectancies have changed and it’s still possible to lead a healthy, active lifestyle in your 60s.

Research from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has found that babies born in recent years will easily reach their 80s. Baby boys are expected to live until 80.1 years, whilst baby girls will ostensibly reach 84.3 years.

With this changing life expectancy, there has been a dynamic shift in the way Australians view ageing. Indeed, the gap between middle age and ‘old age’ seems to be ever-expanding.

If 60 is the new 40 though, our quality of life will be what matters next. As the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare pointed out, “access to high quality health care” will become increasingly important as we get older.

Infectious disease now accounts for less than 2% of deaths in Australia. Instead, healthy lifestyle choices will determine the quality of our 60s. Exercise, diet, sleep and medication are all important considerations for us older Australians.

Fortunately, there are many high-profile women in their 60s who live abundant lives. These women pay special attention to making healthy lifestyle choices.

As 61-year-old Christie Brinkley explains, “My age has so little to do with my image of myself because at a certain point, the number just didn’t fit how I felt”.

In terms of making healthy lifestyle choices, Christie says “I think variety is the spice of sticking with an exercise routine”. She adds, “lunch is a big huge salad with every colour in it” .

“(Age) has become irrelevant to me. I just don’t feel like that number is representative of my spirit, of my energy or my anything!”

What choices do you make to ensure your 60s are healthy and happy? Do you believe that 60 is the new 40? Do you feel more middle-aged than anything else?

  1. When I was 12, my grandmothers were both grey hair-haired old ladies of leisure. Both my parents were in their 40’s, so I guess grannies were in their 60’s. I’m in my 60’s, my hair is still brown, and I’m outside most of the day working on the farm and with the ponies. No way am I ready to sit knitting all day!!

  2. It is my personal opinion is that the progression of medicine between now and 2050 will be a quantum step forward from what we now know as medical treatment. What we have called medicine up to now is more like first aid compared to the research that is taking place as we write, so life and health will be changed in incredible ways over the next 30 years or so.

  3. Who exactly are we trying to kid here? I’m sorry ‘Starts at 60’ but I’m getting tired of reading posts like this – Kerry Anne Kennerley looking great in bikini; Helen Mirren in a fabulous dress; or Christie Brinkley looking like she’s in her 30’s. I have no hesitation in saying that the majority of women (and men) who follow your site are under no illusion that they feel or look like they did in their 40’s. Nor do they have to be continually reminded that they don’t. The majority, on a day by day basis, are coming to terms with the affects of ageing – health issues; financial issues; family issues and for most, grateful that their minds are still functioning as they were when they were 30!

    • Sue Leighton thanks for your feedback. not trying to make anyone feel bad, in fact we want to do the complete opposite 🙂 -Emma

    • Starts at 60 Emma, I have no doubt about that! But as I look in the mirror this morning, I see a short, overweight, woman contemplating the loss of her left breast in 10 days time. That woman looks nothing like she was in her 30’s or 40’s for that matter. Guess you caught me on a bad day!

    • Having the celebrity “means” of surgically enhancing oneself (cosmetic procedures are one of the “goodies” in celebrity “goody bags” for the Oscars) does not, in my eyes, equal “growing old gracefully & naturally”. Sorry, it just doesn’t.

    • you will never please everyone all the time Emma and if they object to this website so much they can always tick unlike

    • Sorry Sue, speak for yourself .. I’m better now at 61 than 41 !
      Healthier, leaner , happier .

    • I a almost 63 and my body certainly doestn’t. feel 40 and it is causing me so much pain, these celebs haven’t had a life of doing hard physical work and the majority of us don’t like the plastic look so I am so tired of these post 60 is NOT the new 40, so would appreciate it if you lay off the hype.

    • Nice try but many of us have come to the realisation that although we would love to be 40 we are 60 plus and thats for a range of reasons. It does not lift the spirits of those suffering on a daily basis.

    • The truth of the matter is…we are all gonna die! I guess we all have to make the best of the time we have ! I rather enjoy life, walk and eat/drink what I like and don’t worry about wrinkles or looking like 40 in my 60s! In my book a youthful and active mind is of more value to me than a wrinkle free face!

    • Stop looking in the mirror. Because a mirror does not reflect who you are inside. You have to do that yourself.
      I have always been more interested in the person not the looks

    • storm in tea cup, if you are not happy with the articles, just skip by, what does it matter really and SAS does their best.. by the way I don’t look 40 either nor do I feel it but some do and good on them 🙂

    • I’m just so sick of the shallowness of it all. I mean really, at 60 aren’t there more important things in life than concentrating on ‘looking good’ to the outside world. I love learning, helping others, having the time to be more caring and loving, family, travel. I love my life and I am sick to death of these celebrities – who cares about their latest diet or plastic surgery, it just keeps pushing the idea of a youth obsessed culture and making older women feel bad about themselves.

    • Good Luck Sue Leighton. Under the circumstances you are entitled to have bad days. Hope all goes well for you and you start having lots more good days than bad!

    • Sue I don’t think any of us are under the illusion that we still look like 40 year olds but we don’t have to act old despite what we see in the mirror

    • Sue Leighton So sad to hear this news Sue, wishing you the best in this part of your journey & you come out strong & without pain. Wishing you a big hug 🙂

    • Hear hear! Well put Sue Leighton , what the hell, we are 60 or plus, as that’s that ! This page ought to be ashamed of shoving celebrities with airbrushed images on to us, it’s disgusting and not realistic, at least have respect for our integrity and intelligence of life experiences, I look good and feel healthy and that’s for me and I hope everyone else is too and getting on with life in a resourceful and more profound manner with substance .

    • I agree with Sue- I think many people following this site are intelligent, articulate and interested in important issues affecting our age group, not vacuous stories of no value – I will be removing this site from my newsfeed.

    • I worked to 70, I felt fantastic at 60 could do everything I could do at 30 now 76 & still very active & do most things I’ve always done,but won’t get on the roof anymore..

    • What’s the problem? It’s a bit of fun. Actually I find it very positive. Who cares?
      People live longer , so why not feel and look younger , if it’s possible. If one feels well and energetic, one does look younger.

    • Sue Leighton I agree with you Sue. There are only a lucky few who don’t have health issues and can still feel young. I wish you all the best

  4. Definitely think that 60 is the new 40. Still working, enjoying life, going out etc.

  5. Your as old as you feel. And that can change on a daily basis. Just enjoy everyday as it comes.

  6. Your either with us or against us. It doesn’t sound like you guys are at all accepting of our age group. Denial isn’t acceptance.

  7. Gail  

    Loved my 30’s hatred my 40’s (lost both parents) have not really got the whole getting older betting better crap it is all down hill from 60 on. Nothing gets better it just false information given to helps bushiness sell crap. The quicker you die the better because it only gets worse. Who wants to live when everything and everyone is just miserable. Never believed that getting older is grand. Crap.

  8. Yes have to agree with reservation. Good health has to play a major part in this. If you are fortunate enough to have enjoyed it most of your life then there’s no reason to think old at 60. My mum was one so fortunate and she lived to 100 years.
    My dad however had a litany of chronic illnesses and only lived til his late 60s.
    Yes medicine today does make a huge difference also.

  9. I think in most cases the mind is still 20 years younger in so many ways but sadly the body is not always up to it.
    Personally, I take each day as it comes, thankful that I have a great family, a sense of humour, a cheeky husband and much more.
    No, I don’t look 40, but not doing too bad for 67. Age is a state of mind not a number. Live, love and be happy, you’re a long time dead.

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