Science is obsessed with living longer... But is it worth it?

How long would you like to live? It’s an interesting question, because at the end of the day we can’t determine how many years we’ll last. My grandfather always said (crudely), “If I get old enough for my brain to turn to mush, take me out to the back paddock and you know what to do”. It’s a kind of horrible statement from a true bushie, but it has some method in its madness.

Is there any point in living for many, many years if our quality of life is nothing?

This morning it has been reported that one young scientist believes that he can live to 150 years old – and is planning to do that!

The Telegraph says that a director of the UK-based Biogerontology Research Foundation think tank, which is dedicated to longer life and improving the health of the elderly, Dr Zhavoronkov remains confident that his lifestyle will allow him to reach the 150-year milestone.

His secrets comes down to following a strict regime of regular exercise combined with drugs and supplements and regular health checks, while shunning marriage, children and material assets to focus on anti-ageing research instead.

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Giving up some of life’s treasures to live for many years? It seems a little counter productive don’t you think?

When he’s 80, who will be there to help him with the next 70 years he has to live through and develop through? Who will be there for him to give him social connections and comfort when his friends pass away?


So today we want to know, do you think the quest to find longevity is worth it? How old would you like to live? Share your thoughts in the comments below…