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How long would you like to live? It’s an interesting question, because at the end of the day we can’t determine how many years we’ll last. My grandfather always said (crudely), “If I get old enough for my brain to turn to mush, take me out to the back paddock and you know what to do”. It’s a kind of horrible statement from a true bushie, but it has some method in its madness.

Is there any point in living for many, many years if our quality of life is nothing?

This morning it has been reported that one young scientist believes that he can live to 150 years old – and is planning to do that!

The Telegraph says that a director of the UK-based Biogerontology Research Foundation think tank, which is dedicated to longer life and improving the health of the elderly, Dr Zhavoronkov remains confident that his lifestyle will allow him to reach the 150-year milestone.

His secrets comes down to following a strict regime of regular exercise combined with drugs and supplements and regular health checks, while shunning marriage, children and material assets to focus on anti-ageing research instead.

Giving up some of life’s treasures to live for many years? It seems a little counter productive don’t you think?

When he’s 80, who will be there to help him with the next 70 years he has to live through and develop through? Who will be there for him to give him social connections and comfort when his friends pass away?


So today we want to know, do you think the quest to find longevity is worth it? How old would you like to live? Share your thoughts in the comments below… 

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  1. Science may be obsessed, but they need to talk to our Government about that, they seem to prefer that we all die quicker so they don’t have to pay us any money.

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    • I think that,s a misinterpretation ladies. Fact is we will all live longer and the care services will need to be funded. It,s how to do it that,s the issue. Taxes fund services but no one wants to pay taxes. Any suggestions ?

  2. What is the point in living to be very old and dependent on people? that is not quality of thanks , when I can’t look after myself ..I am checking out of life

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  3. I agree with Geraldine Chandler totally. A happy, healthy and enjoyable life is something to look forward to.

  4. Newspapers say people over 65 are lonely. Well when you get dumped at 65 from a long relationship and your two best friends are going through the saw thing so maybe we are lonely but with friends like mine I’m getting through it. Yes I am lonely.

  5. I’ve seen old people in nursing homes. No one comes to see them, as they are too busy. Who wants to end up vegetating like that. All waiting for you to go for the inheritance.

  6. I don’t want quantity if I can’t have quality of life. Existing isn’t living. I watched mum die of Alzheimer’s …..she only existed for the last few years of her life and I don’t want that!!!!!

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    • I empathise with you, my mum’ last years were blighted with Alzheimer’s and it affected the quality of her life. It was awful to stand by and watch the devastation it caused. My once vibrant and feisty mother a shadow of herself.
      No I don’t want my last years to be like that or for my children to witness it.

    • Totally agree. My father’s last 10 years were awful, with dementia. I would n’t wish that on anyone. Awful for the sufferer as well as the family. I’m now the age he was when he died, but determined not to end up the way he did, have taken care of myself for the most part. Now that I am over 70, I would rather die than end up a vegetable and have no quality of life. In saying that, I will keep living life to the full while I can!!

  7. I’m a volunteer in an aged care home. It’s just dreadful the number of residents who, even if they do have family, never have visitors .

  8. as long as I had all my faculties and mobility and was still making some sort of contribution to society….why not…otherwise what would be the point in living that long….

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