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The hairdresser for the Queen and several other members of the Royal family, Denise McAdam, has revealed her secrets to having great hair when you’re in your 60s. And we have to say, her advice is excellent.

Ms McAdam has also styled the locks of famous beauties, Jerry Hall, Marie Helvin and Cindy Crawford, and she strongly believes the best hairstyle for anyone over 50 is one that ends at the jawline.

As most of us know, your hair changes quite a lot after menopause. Hair that was one straight and thick is now a frizzy, thin mess. Not to mention it’s grey, lifeless and untameable. Some of us just cut it all off while others have given up completely. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Denise recommends creating the illusion of volume with dry shampoo. She told the Daily Mail, a spritz of dry shampoo (available from most chemists) around 10cm from your head absorbs any moisture from dampness. Move the spray in an arch from ear to ear, then brush your fingers through to blend.

She also believes that very long hair with a part is “massively ageing” but if you like that style, where it in a bun to lift the face. Take your locks to your shoulders and no lower.

A soft fringe is also a good look for the older lady as they “have a veiling effect on lines on your forehead”, says McAdam.

Other advice she gave included:

  • Always taking a look at the back of your hair when you style it, just like you would in a salon.
  • Condition your hair not just with the product, but by drinking lots of water, eating fruit and veg and restricting caffeine and alcohol consumption.
  • Use a Tangle Teezer comb to smooth conditioner through wet hair, before leaving it for a few minutes and rinsing through.
  • Get lowlights and highlights to stop the salt and pepper look
  • Avoid solid colours as they can be ageing. Have at least three colours happening in your hair. Anna Wintour a great example of a woman who has kept the same iconic style but has softened it with highlights.
  • If you have night flushes and move around a lot while you sleep, sleep on a silk pillow. Cotton pillows act like sand paper on your hair and can cause damage.
  • Stay with the same hairdresser, though if you have to change, make sure you have a consultation without a black cape on as this will show your stylist your personality so they can tailor your look.
  • No rules on how often to shampoo hair but do try and give it a break once a week
  • If you must use straighteners, be careful. Use straighteners to sharpen the edges of hair.
  • Take hair strengthening supplements


Tell us, will you be taking her expert advice? When was the last time you went to the hairdresser?

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  1. My over 60 hair is thick, silky, smooth and healthy since I ditched the dye and went silver. I have natural highlights, it’s black, white, and looks silver where it blends.

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    • mine too! Best decision ever! Although it is definitely thinner! 🙁

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      • Elvive shampoo have some types and I am sure they are helping my hair. I am using fibralogy, as mine has gone thin but I found some medications such as ACE inhibitors were the reason and since I haven’t been on one of them, (and it doesn’t say on the side effects page, chat with the chemist), I am getting better results but once I get it coloured on Monday should look better. I gave up smoking too ten months ago an as I haven’t needed to wash my hair as often I wonder if this has helped. Was just scared in case it smelt smoky so was washing 4 times a week, now two.

    • Yes! I wasn’t fooling anyone with the dark hair, it was looking rather harsh! I did have to change my make up colors, that’s been fun! My daughter said the same thing, that it softened my look.

    • My 59 year old hair is long soft thick and wavy. It has naturally differing tones. I cut it myself. Yay for never having to go to a hairdresser!

  2. My hair has definitely changed texture since turning sixty, but thankfully is still thick. I am using the new ‘curls’ ( controlled frizz) to have a carefree bob and do away with blow drying. It’s ageing to have sleek smooth hair, when the face isn’t. I was a hairdresser for 35 years, with my own salons. I recognised that nature usually provides you with what suits, regarding colour and curls. All we have to do is cultivate!

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  3. I’m 63 too and my hair is still thick. I’ve gone blonder and I’m growing it. It’s at my chin at the moment. I had it cut really short about a year ago but I think it aged me.

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    • I. I’m doing the same – very short was ageing. I need some softness around my face, as my face is changing shape.

  4. Two weeks ago. I have my hair foiled. Can’t wait to go completely grey, I love it. No hairdresser can cut my hair as well as I do. Straighten out myself with my muk stick.

  5. Dry shampoo ! Super stuff use it all the time gives hair a massive lift .

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  6. My grandmother, born in 1902 in Chelsea England, was very proud of her father, hairdresser to the prince of Wales.

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