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We’re frequently told that to improve our health and achieve a healthy body weight we need to et more fruit and vegetables, however new research says that not all fruit and veg are created equal.

Researchers from Harvard University found that some plant fodder helps you lose weight, while others can actually pack on the pounds – even when you think you’re doing the right thing.

The study involved more than 133,000 people and included dietary and weight questionnaires over a 24-year period. Lifestyle factors such as smoking, physical activity and overall diet were accounted for.

Researchers found that people who ate a serving of blueberries every day lost more than half a kilogram over a four-year period.

Other fruits associated with weight loss were pears, apples, strawberries and grapes.

Meanwhile, those who ate an extra serving of corn each day gained nearly a kilogram in the same period.

Other starchy vegetables such as potatoes and peas saw similar results, while non-starchy veg like broccoli and beans helped people maintain or lose weight.

Writing in PLOS Medicine, lead author Monica Bertoia from Harvard’s School of Public Health said, “The benefits of increased consumption were greater for fruits than for vegetables and strongest for berries, apples/pears, tofu/soy, cauliflower, and cruciferous and green leafy vegetables”.

Peas, corn and potatoes feature on many an Australian dining table, but does this mean they are off the menu?

“Although these vegetables have nutritional value (potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, iron, fibre, and protein), they have a higher glycaemic load (lower carbohydrate quality) that could explain their positive association with weight change,” writes Ms Bertoia.

Australian nutritionist Rosemary Stanton told Fairfax Media the association could have something to do with the fact these veggies are more likely to come coated in butter or something else delicious, but generally agrees with the findings.

Only one in 10 Australians eats the recommended five serves of vegetables per day, so we’d better make sure we’re eating the right ones!


Is your favourite vegetable on the “hit” or “miss” list? Could this new information help your weight loss efforts?

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  1. So many experts seem to be conflicted on fruit, I read somewhere or other, don’t eat fruit, it contains natural sugar and will make you overweight, then I read eat fruit it is good for you.No wonder people get confused. But that fruit listed in nice fruit and I would eat them anyway 🙂

  2. Although I love my fruit and veggies it’s like all foods these days, we are constantly being told what is good or bad for us only to further down the tracks tell us they got it WRONG, I think we need to go right back to basics and only eat NATURAL FOODS and don’t eat anything with preservatives or packaged foods, food manufacturers are very sneaky with there’re labelling to get people to buy the products and they don’t consider the consequences for people with food allergies.

  3. I think that this is all wrong. Everything except water has calories. Some fruit and vegies are higher in calories than others. I lost 15 kilos in 7 months by counting calories in my food. I did not deny myself anything I just ate less. Potatoes are particularly high in calories so weight in light with those. All the information about calorie content of fruit and veg is on the internet. There is no magic formula. If you eat more than your body uses you will gain weight, if you eat less than your body uses you will lose weight. The exception of course is those people with a medical condition.

    1 REPLY
    • Absolutely correct Debbie . Most articles like this one are only rough guidelines. People who wish to lose weight need to cut down on their portion size and reduce their calorie intake. It’s not rocket science at all.

  4. Agree with Debbie Bryant. In my books, all fruit & veges are good, but like all food, you don’t go overboard with some. Also it can depend on how you cook some of the veges eg. you can’t go wrong if steaming them & leave off the butter etc. Really is commonsense stuff.

  5. I’m doin OK thanks. I also know the quickest way to lose 6kgs of ugly fat is to chop off one’s head. 😉

  6. I am surprised that pears & grapes are on the “good” list; I thought they were high in sugar (especially grapes, dietitians tell diabetics not to eat them). Agree, all things in moderation – but some things “trigger” different area’s

  7. I eat blueberries most mornings and pears are a favourite fruit but I am certainly not losing weight!

    Michele, I agree grapes are a no no and diabetics can eat pea!

    It seems all things in moderation!

    1 REPLY
    • Wait 4 years, Elaine and that half kilo will have disappeared like magic! 😉

  8. Dhurr …we used corn to fatten cattle. Also fructose is the new evil food. Too much and you get fat. Fructose is in fruit.
    Ha Ha Ha Ha …we’re all gonna Die !

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