Results of study reveals what you worry about more than cancer
By Starts at 60 WritersIn HealthOn Monday 29th Aug, 2016

Results of study reveals what you worry about more than cancer

The medical concerns of Australian women was the topic of a recent 2016 Women’s Health Survey conducted by health organisation Jean Hailes. The results of which have stunned more than a few people.

The survey was taken part in by over 3000 women from all different demographics, and the results show that more woman are worried about their weight than cancer. “Every morning you wake up, and you look at yourself in the mirror, and you make an assessment of your physical health,” one participant told 7 News.

Another of the study’s participents, Helen Ogg, told reporters “I do watch my weight because I’ve watched friends who get overweight and it’s very easy for that to happen after menopause”. The results have stunned doctors who told the study that they felt women come to discuss mental health more than weight problems.

The ranking of the list put weight management at the top of the list, which was followed by cancer, mental health, menopause, and chronic pain. While doctors will be using the study to help “fill gaps” in services they are concerned about what was missing from the list. Researcher Dr Mandy Deeks stated, “Only 20 per cent of women are actually having sexual health checks, which is far too low”.

Of course, if there are any health concerns that you have you shouldn’t hesitate in speaking with your doctor about them. If exercise is an issue but researcher Janet Michelmore says women need to be realistic stating “It’s not about going from sitting and not doing much every day to running a four-minute mile, it’s about being realistic about what your goals are”.

What are your major health concerns? Do they match the results of the survey?

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