Are you waiting for tomorrow to get the happiness you could have today?

There is an old saying that “tomorrow will be better”, so what better time is there to get to that project you have been waiting to do, fix that problem that needs to be fixed, or have that conversation that will make everything better than “tomorrow?”

A lot of things can be put off till tomorrow but how are they effecting you today? Is your happiness hinged on these “tomorrow” items? Why would you rob yourself of that happiness today?

Here are some easy steps to help you get out of the weight of tomorrow and start feeling better about today.

Confine yourself away

All right, into the naughty corner with you. You need to be strict with yourself to get your project done. If you give yourself a day to get it done so that you have the most chance of being successful. You can take your time and make sure that all the details are right.

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Take small steps and don’t be afraid to ask for help

If the project is so huge that you start to feel overwhelmed than it might be something, you’ll have to chip away at. Doing a little bit every day might break down that massive project into a bite size pieces. When all else fails if you ask someone for help than many hands might make the load easier. At the very least you might have someone to talk out your concerns with.

There are a plethora of sayings about doing things today and not tomorrow as there are about tomorrow being a better day. The point of facing tasks you don’t want to do early will mean that you can get on with the better things in life.

It might sound like obvious advice, but sometimes it’s the advice that is needed the most.

What tips do you have for dealing with tasks you don’t want to do? How do you break down major tasks?