From orange juice to milk: Drinks that are worse than chocolate

You may be surprised to see orange juice on the list.

When it comes to chocolate, most people are aware that it should be eaten in moderation. Because of this, many people opt for a sweet drink instead, thinking that it will be a healthier alternative.

While this can sometimes be the case, a recent report by Nine Coach has found that an array of popular drinks in Australia actually contain more sugar than a standard chocolate bar. In fact, they suggested that a standard Mars Bar contains 30.6g of sugar, or 51.7g of sugar per 100g.

It is recommended that healthy adults consume just 25g of free sugar per day, meaning that consuming a chocolate bar in addition to a sweet drink could be sending your sugar through the roof. So which drinks are the most unhealthy?

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A bottle of Powerade, which many athletes and people who undertake physical activity consume to hydrate themselves, contains 35g per 600ml. Coca-Cola was ranked just as high as Powerade, containing 35g of sugar per standard 330ml bottle, while Gatorade, a product very similar to Powerade, contained a gram more per bottle.

Red Bull, the energy drink that promises to give people wings, contains 39.1g of sugar, while Bundaberg Ginger Beer is even higher with 40.5g of sugar.

Surprisingly, a 500ml bottle of Orange Juice from the Daily Juice Company contained 41.5g of sugar. Something to think about next time you think juice is automatically a healthier alternative.

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Dare Iced Coffee was ahead with 43.5g sugar, while energy drink V contains 53g of sugar per 500ml can. Similarly, Monster Energy Drink contains 50g of sugar.

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And, coming out with the most sugar was a carton of Oak Chocolate Milk. The flavoured milk has been a favourite in the country since 1967, but downing a carton means you’ll be consuming 63.6g of sugar per serve.

It comes after Fanta Grape was found to be the most sugary soft drink in Australia, followed by Mountain Dew and Schweppes Traditional Raspberry.

TV chef Jamie Oliver has even suggested that sugary energy drinks should be banned to all teenagers. Overnight he sent a tweet encouraging the UK Government to take action.

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“Put age restrictions on the sale of energy drinks to under 16s. Government should do what it says on the tin! #NotForChildren,” he wrote.

He argued that the drinks were making youngsters “high” and that something needed to be done. Many people online supported his call for a ban.

One person wrote: “Well said Jamie, as a teacher I see what problems they can cause with teenagers in the classroom when they have been drinking them on their way in to school.” Another said: “As a teacher in Secondary School it’s clear to see the effects these ‘energy drinks’ have on young people and their education. Keep up the fight.” 

A third added: “Ban them for adults too. Dangerous for raising blood pressure /pulse rate.”

What do you think? Are you surprised by anything that made the list?