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Vaccination is something I fully support. It keeps people healthy, it prevents the spread of infectious disease and in some cases, and it can completely save a life. The people who don’t vaccinate their children put their children at risk and put the lives of others at risk, but too often they don’t understand that. The vaccination debate has been covered heavily in the media of late. We’ve had young parents fighting over whether or not it is appropriate or morally right to vaccinate your children and I think it’s time that someone else had their say. One day, someone who didn’t vaccinate their child could be the reason I die and this is why.

When I was younger I had whooping cough vaccination. I had a severe reaction to the vaccination and I was deemed allergic so all my life I have been at risk of these diseases. When I was younger I didn’t quite understand but as I have aged I’ve become incredibly conscious when it comes to personal hygiene and removing the risk factors in my life.

I’ve had to control the controllables and made sure that I was diligent in washing my hands, not touching my face and not touching unclean surfaces. This wasn’t because I had a fear of germs, but because if I didn’t, I could put myself in grave danger.

The problem is the things that I can’t control. I can’t control someone else changing directions away from me when they cough or sneeze. I can’t control whether or not someone covers their mouth as they do so while we walk past each other in public. And I can’t control whether or not parents decide to vaccinate their children.

They have every right to decide not to, but I wonder if they really understand the implications of their actions when it comes to other people.

If a child is infected with a disease like this, they fall very ill, but their young bodies are more often than not designed to fight it. Their bodies are at their peak health and their immune systems grow stronger every day. This means that they generally have every chance of surviving a disease, but as we age we aren’t so lucky.

Our immune systems weaken with age, our bodies face new challenges and we aren’t as healthy as we once were. Our bodies are no longer designed to fight disease and sadly, this makes us so much more susceptible to a dire ending when contracting a disease.

If a parent chooses not to vaccinate their child it is their right. If that child contracts whooping cough and spreads it to someone in the kindergarten class then whether they have the vaccination or not, they are designed to fight it and will hopefully pull through healthy. If that child spreads it to me by coughing in my direction while sitting at a café, then I know that my body may not fight it and that decision not to vaccinate that child could be the very reason that I die.

We all have a responsibility to give other people in society safety. We are cautious and careful when we drive so we don’t put others at risk. We don’t carry weapons on our person so other people aren’t at risk. And we shouldn’t put others at risk by choosing not to vaccinate.

The science is there to support vaccination so why someone wouldn’t do it to safe a life is something I just don’t understand.

Tell us, where do you sit on the vaccination debate? Do you think it’s a matter of public safety? Share your thoughts in the comments below…

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  1. Do the real research ……..

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    • Research of what….anti vaccination propaganda …all the claims made by the antis have been disproved including the old chestnut that it causes autism.

    • Diane Well said.People are so ignorant & out spoken at times, when they do not Do The Research!!

    • Perhaps they should be made to see the damage these diseases could cause their children if caught – I can assure them it is not a pleasant outcome. Mesales is now on the rise again – very dangerous.

    • The real research, you must be joking. I’ve done this research for years and nothing at all has ever swayed me from believing in vaccinating our children. Not only is measles on the rise but whooping cough and polio. The hell with them.

  2. I’m sorry but I had two baby’s and both were effected by the vaccine would I do it again no

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    • Ecactly how were they affected…did they run a temperature and become irritable or did they develop rashes and swellings and have difficulty breathing???? The first set of conditions is a normal reaction the second set of symptons is an allergic reaction.

  3. Centerlink now ceases day care supplement if not done..Yea..

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  4. There are those who are for and those against… personally , I think a lot of these diseases are man made. I know several people who had perfectly fine children until vaccination and then after the children got sick ,nearly died and then autism. I believe there is connection between vaccination and ADD ,ADHD, APD, etc

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    • Well just maybe it came through from their parents being vaccinated……. I did say “I BELIEVE” didn’t say any had to agree

    • It’s been proved that autism and vaccination have nothing to do with each other. I got a cold last year after I had the flu vaccine. Does that mean the vaccine gave it to me???? I don’t think so.

    • Just how old are you Dianne …measles almost wiped out the american indian and this was back in the day that the white man had no idea what caused it either…MAN MADE INDEED….you really nead to do a little research on VIRAL illnesses before making such an all encompassing and uniformed statement.

    • Dianne it has been proven that there is no connection to Autism and Vaccinations. Walk around old cemeteries and see the number of little children, often several from the same family who all died. What we don’t want to see is polio and Diptheria raise its ugly head again. If people continue to. Avoid vaccination that is a possibility!

    • Oh dear…did I mention any particular disease , did I say ” it is the cause ” I said ” I believe ” I also said. ” a lot” not ALL….. If you go back in time you will see where white man has caused a lot of wipe out of communities .

    • Diane grow a Brian vaccination is the best thing to get rid or co toll these diseases , I have see the people in the iron lungs in the hospitals who suffered from some of these diseases and it is truly bad and no they are not man made , it was when white man went to these countries where they had not had something like these illnesses that they became very bad and wiped out whole communities and only because white man did not know about this at the time. Va cc inaction now stops that and if extremely good.

    • I believe giving multiple vaccinations in in one dose is wrong. Children with low immune systems can’t cope with that. Out of our 13 grandchildren 6 are on the autism spectrum, out of those 6, 4 have coeliac as I do and also my son. Coeliac is an auto immune disorder and the brain and gut are related. If the immunisations could be given separately like the MMR for example, I would prefer that, but it’s all about money and it’s cheaper to do it all in one dose. Some other countries offer this as a choice if the parents pay the difference, ours does not, it’s all or nothing. Putting 3 separate viruses at the same time into a child with an auto immune disorder is just wrong.

    • Rosemary not true. The doctor who was struck off after doing that research was exonerated & the person who accused him admitted to lying.

    • Bronwen I’ve been in involved in the Autism area for the last 30 years. Research still continues into causes and vaccination theory has been discredited. With most subjects I’d say to each his own beliefs but scare tactics over immunisation are downright irresponsible, particularly when diseases that were almost irradicated are breaking out again.

  5. After my first child had an anaphylactic reaction to his first vaccine, I had all of them tested on 1/10 of the dose. They were all allergic, and I was advised against vaccinations. One baby had a severe reaction to the reduced dose and luckily I was in a hospital when she was tested. All my grandbabies are tested and only one cannot be inoculated. If you are concerned ask your GP for a reduced dose test. I understand the concern about the lack of protection for the killer disease but what reasonable person would demand my child get vaccinated after a severe life threatening reaction. I heartily support allergy testing before full doses, and if it was more readily offered I think that a lot more parents would vaccinate.

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    • That’s why all those who can be vaccinated need to be so those who can’t, such as in your family, have protection. When the % of the vaccinated population falls, it puts those who can’t be vaccinated at risk too.

    • But you showed commonsense and had them tested then i am sure that you took all the normal precautions when these illnesses were in your area. You did not wilfully choose to not vaccinate you children…. I do understand about the allergies i myself am highly allergic to the anti tettenus vaccine so i have to take special care when i am in a situation or enviroment that tetanus can flourish.

    • Elaine I am so sorry your child experienced an anaphylactic reaction,they are terrifying even for a nurse like me.Always have correctly trained professionals give vaccinations they know how to treat anaphylactic reactions. This is no reason not to vaccinate though.People have anaphylactic reactions to antibiotics, insect stings,latex used in rubber gloves etc.many foods & can happen with anything depending on the unique make up of person.It is treatable .

    • Hello Pam. I understand what it must be like for you to see kids that are seriously ill from preventable viruses. When I say allergic reaction, I mean fitting, vomiting, very high fever and huge lumps on the injection site, full body rashes. A hospital visit for overnight stay and a peadeatric specialist strongly advised we held off. If your child is allergic to peanuts you don’t keep feeding them peanuts. The reactions are less and less with new generations.

  6. ?? If our children are vaccinated are they not protected from these children who are not???

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    • Babies are susceptible for the first few months, until they have all their needles. Young mothers have other children at school, mother goes to school each day dropping off children and picking them up again. Young siblings play with other children, even have them over for some play time. May also be a birthday party where most of the kids from class come. All it takes is one of those kids to be not vaccinated. Under those circumstances if the virus is their. Presto baby can pick it up. Whooping Cough can and is sometimes fatal. Why take the chance?

    • Molly that only partially answered Sandra’s question… ( new borns) an an obvious reason for the spread of virus infection… Now my thoughts are virus is air born how do these viruses get air born if they not pumped carried or dumped.? Look at the nuclear disaster in Japan. Its in the air its in the water in is all over the world causing a lot of bad diseases and health problems right up as far as Canada and right down as far as Tasmania. How did the diseases get to Australia right back in 1800 ,white colonists. In america to wipe out Indians ,white conquerers, Africa ??????

    • Dianne I have seen babies recently die of whooping cough in Victoria in last 10 yrs. If people like you who have children vaccinated ,campaigned to have all children vaccinated & this happened ,then you would not have to make statements like above, as the disease would be completely controlled in Australia.

    • My daughter had cancer and she was susceptible to childhood diseases although she had been fully vaccinated. We as a family had to re have our triple antigen even in our sixties. So why should she have been put at risk by others that don’t vaccinate

    • No we are not immune…my three oldest kids all suffered because they caught Whooping Cough from an unvaccinated child at the eldest one’s school in the mid 80’s. My older two were fully vaccinated but the youngest was only four months old. All three sick for weeks. The unvaccinated child was hospitalised for a week.
      There was an outbreak of Whooping Cough in Tassie a few years ago. I didn’t realise adults should have boosters…well we wouldn’t need to if there wasn’t such a huge percentage of unvaccinated people in the first place! I caught the disease from students at the school where I taught because parents sent their kids even when they were unwell. Grrrr!
      These diseases are out there…but they get a foothold once there are sufficient vulnerable unvaccinated people to contract and spread them.

  7. As a child I boarded at a hostel to go to school. I had whooping cough, measles, mumps, German measles, chicken pox … The only vaccination available, which I had prior to school, was the old Salk injections for polio! I’ve managed to live, and I’m sure the writer will, too.

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    • June the whooping cough Diptheria and Tetanus or triple antigen as it is called was available long before the Salk vaccine became available.

    • Jean,Many people lived without the vaccinations but as a nurse I also saw many who had complications & ended up with brain damage or death.I nursed these people in the early sixties.

    • Totally agree Do the research and you will find that there are many Doctors scientists who have stepped up to the truth and finally admitted the side affects the ingredients in them The effectiveness. ….It has long been know that it was the plumbers that stopped the spread of nany diseases that the medical field claimed. …do the research you will find the sisticis decline of diseases happened several years before they started jabbing us with poison. I have always asked for a list of ingredients. . Never had one ever .. I know whats in them why would you inject thst into a pure wee body

    • If ppl are soooo convinced of their effectiveness, ask to read the info sheet in the vaccine package. See what the documented side-effects are.

  8. Dianne Star-wisher you are so wrong. You obviously do not understand disease process, symptoms and outcomes. No scientific evidence re autism.
    I nursed a baby with pertussis (whooping cough)
    Dreadful experience.
    I had to resuscitate this child twice during the night and they cough and choke & can’t breathe.
    Nursed a child with measles who was so sick with meningitis. If you could just see a child with this inflammation in the brain you would change your mind.

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    • Darrell, Well said.I nursed many like you did.All anti vaccination mothers need to be forced to see a baby with the conditions you mentioned.

  9. People who don’t vaccinate their Children i think should be prosecuted they are putting so many people at risk they are so ignorant and they are no alls and you can’t change no alls

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  10. It has to be a personal choice but when you have seen very abc and life threatening cases of these diseases it is hard not to support the argument for vaccinations….. Especially today where kids are locked I air conditioned rooms every day of the school year with no fresh air.

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