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It’s been a slow start for the Government’s eHealth record but under proposed changes, we could all soon have an electronic health record that would become opt-out instead of opt-in, as it currently is.

According to the eHealth website, eHealth is “a personally controlled….secure online summary of your health information.

You control what goes into it, and who is allowed to access it. Your eHealth record allows you and your doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers to view and share your health information to provide you with the best possible care”.

With this considered, should we be able to still be given the choice, or should we get with the times and make everything digital, and available.

Sometimes our usual doctor isn’t available and we have to see another at a another clinic, and it can be difficult for them to know all of our medical history, but with this eHealth system, there would be synchronicity no matter where you went in the country.

ABC reports Health Minister Sussan Ley said research showed the best way was to put everyone on the system by default and if a person did not want to be on the system, they would need to opt out.

“A personally controlled electronic health record is theirs,” she said.

“It’s not going to be out of their control and we are going to give the community the confidence they need”.

A 2014 review of the electronic health records system found significant issues with the current opt-in system and lack of information to those who would benefit from the records the most.

“Trialling an opt-out model means we can do it carefully, methodically and ensure the appropriate protections are in place to give patients peace of mind,” Ms Ley said.

“It’s vital as you move between different clinicians in the health system that everyone has that information”.

If a patient does not wish to show parts of the record, that is their right, as the health record is completely user controlled.

According to the ABC, funding of $485 million for the eHealth record will be announced tomorrow in the Budget, and the fully functioning system could save $2.5 billion per year.


Tell us, would you be happy with this new system if it was opt-out? Do you want an eHealth record? Or do you already have one?


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  1. Not convinced these records will be secure online, many many Government agencies around the world have been hacked including NASA

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  2. This is brilliant, especially as we age , at least hospitals can access it too and not rely on the patient’s memory when they may be under stress

  3. When they can guarantee on- line security I will consider it. In the meantime I don’t have a complicated medical history, so in my case I will opt out.

  4. I am not certain it will be secure either, plans for the new ASIO building was hacked by the Chinese, if they can hack that, they can hack anything

  5. I am fully in favour of it and have already recorded my details.

  6. I think broardly speaking it is a good idea, but I do feel nervous about security and access, and who or what (e.g. insurance companies) will be able to take out selective information and potentialy lead to discrimination of certain people. Personally I will not be opting out, but I perfectly understand others who will be.

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    • Really your health record does not reveal you financial details or your little secret predilictions it only contains your health record and as far as i am concerned you health record cannot be used against you.

    • Indeed it does Joan because it contains details of ones medical diagnoses and the treatments one might be recieving which intrinsically describe your life style and what you can afford to pay, and this is the least malevalant social use of our medical history. Although as I say I dont have a personal worry, I can understand some who might .

  7. I think this a great idea. It is easy in the stress of an emergency or as memory fades to forget to mention something doctors would need to know. As for security issues that is common to all online information unfortunately a risk we just have to live with.

  8. I think an e health record is a great idea for many reasons but one that stands out….you are delivered to hospital unconcious a quick check of your wallet will reveal your medicare card..enter number and hey presto you medical history is there including allergies and health problems that create problems….IT IS A NO BRAINER.

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    • i am fat i am sure a foreign country will hack into my records and blackmail me over it ..what interest has ANYBODY got in your medical hitory and what would they do with it

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      • Think about insurance company that will increase your premium. How’s that not the financial impact?

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