One of the smartest tips for weight loss
By Starts at 60 WritersIn HealthOn Saturday 20th Feb, 2016

One of the smartest tips for weight loss

Weight is never an easy topic to discuss, and as we get older it becomes harder to shift the kilos off. Perhaps the trick is not the latest celebrity diet or unrealistic fitness trend that 20 year olds are all raving about. Instead it may be as simple as changing how you approach the idea of weight loss – in other words: your mentality towards it.

A lot of women focus on the numbers, “I must get below this number in order to be considered beautiful”. That is not a helpful way to approach losing weight, in fact it may actually hinder you.

Instead it is suggested that you focus on the benefits as the weight drops, revel in the feeling as the weight drops off. Every kilo you lose will reap a benefit. It may be clearer skin, skinnier hair or an increase in energy. Whichever combination of benefits that you do experience at whatever number, the need to stay positive is key.

Try to think of weight loss not as a destination with a lot of pain right up to the finish line but more of a journey and one that can be enjoyed from the moment you embark on it. Find the joy in the simple things such as noticing when it becomes easier to run or jump.

Don’t focus on the numbers. Enjoy the journey. What’s your tip to weight loss?

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