One of the smartest tips for weight loss

Weight is never an easy topic to discuss, and as we get older it becomes harder to shift the kilos

Weight is never an easy topic to discuss, and as we get older it becomes harder to shift the kilos off. Perhaps the trick is not the latest celebrity diet or unrealistic fitness trend that 20 year olds are all raving about. Instead it may be as simple as changing how you approach the idea of weight loss โ€“ in other words: your mentality towards it.

A lot of women focus on the numbers, “I must get below this number in order to be considered beautiful”. That is not a helpful way to approach losing weight, in fact it may actually hinder you.

Instead it is suggested that you focus on the benefits as the weight drops, revel in the feeling as the weight drops off. Every kilo you lose will reap a benefit. It may be clearer skin, skinnier hair or an increase in energy. Whichever combination of benefits that you do experience at whatever number, the need to stay positive is key.

Try to think of weight loss not as a destination with a lot of pain right up to the finish line but more of a journey and one that can be enjoyed from the moment you embark on it. Find the joy in the simple things such as noticing when it becomes easier to run or jump.

Don’t focus on the numbers. Enjoy the journey. What’s your tip to weight loss?

  1. My doctor says I need to loose weight. I told her I am the same weight now as when I was thirty to which she replied “then you should have been dead long ago”. I’m on a new diet now, it was invented by two wise old men Mr Jack Daniels and Mr Jonny Walker. Now and again I slip into a Cab ( cab sav not taxi cab) Still I’ve got more pairs af shorts than Reuben Scarfe

  2. I have been following an intermittent fasting way of life coupled with a low carb high fat diet. There are very many of us sharing on FB. The concensus of opinion is that constantly using the scales is a pathway to insanity. Much saner way is that we do not focus on the numbers. just on the fact that the clothes are getting looser, which is a far healthier option.(ps I have lost 18.5kg.)

  3. Easier to forget about the weight and concentrate on ‘health’ instead. Don’t buy the junk and eat fresh.

  4. Have been following 5/2 diet as a way of life to reduce inflammatory diseases and losing weight into the bargain

    • Sorry – cat jumped! Two nonconsecutive fasting days of 500 calories – other days eat to total daily energy expenditure which for me is 1;800 calories – I average 1kg seek and have heaps more energy

    • Go to Chef Pete Evans FB page and read the stories from people who have regained their health by eating Veges, meat, fish & fowl. The downside is you have to give up sugar, wheat & dairy for it to work 100%. Don;t believe the BS from ‘experts whose study is funded by multinationals.

  5. I find it hard to put on weight. Ppl laugh but its gotta b just as frustrating!?!

    • Know the feeling took me 65 years to a bump outside of being pregnant twice! โ˜บ

  6. I have given up sugar, 5 veg 3 fruit a day, losing weight, i am a vegan, but i eat my vegs the way i like them, fried or baked, i am very happy eating this diet, but had to get my mind in the right place.

  7. I must ask, because I have never heard of it before, would someone please tell me what ‘skinnier hair’ is?

  8. 70% of energy is used from exercise useing the mussels from the hip down

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