No more little blue diamond pill: how to get your husband standing at attention naturally

This article can be very useful for women whose partners are taking a pill to assist them in their sex life – please read on and inform yourself of some of the pitfalls that exist therein.

As a sex coach I am very often approached by what appears to be vigorous older men, who are of retirement age, citing that they are now sadly suffering from erectile dysfunction. The first thing I always ask of them is to supply me with a list of the medications they are taking.

Without fail, most medications on their list are usually statins and drugs specifically aimed at erectile dysfunction such as Cialis, Adcirca (Tadalafil) Levitra (Vardenafil) Viagra and Revatio (Sildenafil) – to name a few. The innocuous little paper insert that comes with these pills clearly state erectile dysfunction as a side effect! Most of my clients have not read it or simply disregarded the warning.

These drugs, especially Viagra, have become leading cash cows for many of the big pharmaceutical conglomerates. According to some pharmacist they literally fly off the shelves, especially on a Friday night. They call these little magic pills “the blue diamond”, not only because of their shape but also their rather steep cost at approximately $15 per pop.

Let me now tell it to you straight – if you are a man who has looked after himself throughout his life via a healthy diet, adequate exercise and a positive mental attitude and stayed away from pharmaceutical drugs as much as possible, your arteries should be in sufficiently good health to engorge themselves with the required amount of blood in order to achieve an erection well into your old age – without the aid of some magic pill. My Chinese/Malaysian doctor friend, who is my mentor, tells me of many Chinese emperors maintaining a large harem well into their old age (100 years plus!) without the assistance of the blue diamond pill!

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However, if you do need the help of such a pill, then let me be clear about some of the issues that these could deliver to your ageing body. I would like to briefly explain how these drugs actually work in your body.

How erectile dysfunction medication affects your body

In the first instance, you will require some stimulus to achieve an erection either a visual or physical trigger in order to start off a bio-chemical reaction. This will instigate the release of appropriate brain chemicals, followed by a reaction in the nether region of your body. A natural trigger will then produce nitric oxide levels to increase rapidly in your system, so as to ensure a greater blood flow to this particular part of your physique necessary to engage in sex.

Obviously the more blood flow you can have to this area, the better your erection will be. Usually these pills will allow you to commence sexual activity approx. 30-60 mins after ingestion.

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One piece of advice, if you are relying on this type of pill to get you going, please have your heart checked regularly. I would almost wager a bet with you, that if your blood flow to your nether region is not that great, it won’t be all that fantastic going to one of your most important organs of your body, your heart.

Anyway, please be aware that there are a few problems with food interaction when it comes to these little helpers, which you might not be aware of:

  1. Alcohol – can cause drowsiness without the “blue diamond pill” but the combination with alcohol can exasperate this situation and make you feel really drowsy. It also states that alcohol and ED drug combination can lead to severe headaches/migraines, which will result in the unfortunately all too well known phrase “Sorry, I have a headache tonight!”. I know of one man, who tried it for the first time and ended up with a full blown migraine – he has never touched one since!
  1. Mixing the “blue diamond” with herbs such as hawthorn, devils’ claw, mistletoe, fenugreek, figwort, shepherds purse, digitalis leaf and motherwort can be risky – all these herbs can affect the heart directly with their cardio vascular enhancement abilities and could become dangerous. For example Viagra has been known for the following cardiac changes” angina pectoris, atrioventricular block, tachycardia, palpitations, cardiac arrest, cerebral thrombosis etc. – need I go on?
  1. If you take a sex enhancement pill that you have bought over the counter or the Internet, containing “Yohimbe” be very, very careful indeed. The combination of an ED drug and yohimbe can lead to very painful erections, which might require medical attention – I mean PAINFUL!
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  1. Beware of natural juices like grapefruit juice and pomegranate juice – this is a new one to me and brought to my attention by Suzy Cohen, a well-known US based pharmacist ( Both these juices apparently increase the blood level of the sex pill and can lead to dangerous side effects such as flushing, vision disturbances, abnormal heart rate etc. Grapefruit juice also delays the absorption of the medication – so don’t be surprised if it ain’t working as quickly as you would have liked!

Overall, if you want to get your arteries back into great shape naturally and increase general good blood flow to your sexual organs, I would suggest you read Dr. E. Baverman’s book “Sexier, Younger You” or find a suitable sex/wellness coach.

The one item to banish from your food list immediately are bad oils i.e. the dreaded trans-fats such as sunflower oil, rapeseed oil and as a matter of fact all vegetable oils. They literally clog up your arteries within hours of consumption and make your blood very “gooey”, not allowing a swift and fast flow within your body.

The good fats are coconut oil, palm oil, ghee or butter made from grass fed cows, olive oil (but don’t heat it) and include good animal fats from organic grass fed beef, lamb, duck and chicken. 

If you want your partners’ penis to be rock solid – allow him to consume the good fats only.

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My advice with regards to assist him in wanting to get it up and have it stay up:-

Avoid all fast foods and anything that comes in a packet or a tin. Get into the kitchen, start preparing your own food again so you know what’s in it and start eating wholesome nutri-logic foods that help you stay young, juicy and sexy.


Happy days and nights…..