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Many of us swear by fish oil tablets and take them every day to keep our health in check, particularly our heart health. But could this have been a load of hog wash?

It certainly appears to be, if the latest research is anything to go by.

Fish oil is one of the most widely used supplements in the world, in the hope it will protect cardiovascular health. The only issue is that it has now been revealed that many studies have disproven this – the majority of clinical trials have shown little to no evidence that the fishy pills lower the risk of heart disease and stroke.

This is a major breakthrough and has rocked the pharmaceutical industry. ABC reports that the National Heart Foundation has had to revise its guidelines on fish and fish oil.

Over 24 studies into the benefits of fish oil with conducted from 2005 to 2012, and most centred on fish oils preventative properties, particularly in regards to heart disease. Those in the studies were people who had a history of heart disease or strong risk factors for it, like high cholesterol, hypertension or Type 2 diabetes and of the more than two dozen studies, 22 found that there was no difference between a placebo and fish oil.

According to Andrew Grey, an associate professor of medicine at the University of Auckland in New Zealand and the author of a 2014 study on fish oil in JAMA Internal Medicine.

“There’s a major disconnect,” Dr Grey said. “The sales are going up despite the progressive accumulation of trials that show no effect”.

But what about the omega-3 fatty acids? Don’t they improve cardiovascular health? Not in the typical fish oil supplements most people take.

“There has been a spate of studies showing no benefit,” Dr James Stein, the director of preventive cardiology at University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics, told the New York Times. He said he tells his patients to avoid fish oil and instead eat fatty fish twice a week.

Are you shocked to find out the lack of benefits of fish oil? Or have you seen actual proof that they work? Tell us tonight.

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  1. Very good for arthritis though, I will keep taking it.

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  2. As with all these supplements that are the miracle cure or panacea for good health, nothing is proven before millions of people and dollars are spent. I remember when I gave birth to my daughter the doctors gave me massive doses of iron and told me to take iron tablets to boost my haemoglobin levels. I still am slightly anaemic but no longer take iron tablets because a iridologist told me, seven years after the birth of my daughter, that a large concentration iron was sitting on my kidneys. I took pills for arthritis for a few years only to find the joints got worse not better. I am with you, Bev Pow. I am sceptical. Not only fish oil but most supplements. There is a huge amount of money to be made by greedy pharmaceutical companies. No wonder they come up with miracle cures on a regular basis.

  3. My husband and I have been taking fish oil for at least 15 years and feel great we would not give them up is this yet another American research never believe all you hear or see make your own research

  4. You believe scientists? The same ones who tell us the food pyramid that has resulted in an increase in obesity and diabetes is correct? Sorry but I have a healthy cynicism where this sort of thing is concerned as big pharma will fund any research that shows drugs are better than natural products. I have thrown scientists’ advice out the window and am eating LCHF (totally against the food pyramid) and have dropped 20kg in 5 months and have halved my diabetes medication. Sorry but these so-called professionals are only concerned about profit, not our health. I would rather take fish oil than their poisonous chemicals.

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    • sounds like your way worked for you.. and your weight loss and the need for less medication is the evidence

    • Libbi that food pyramid is so bad for us … slowly this is coming to light and people are realising that the way our parents and grandparents ate is the best way.

    • well I agree there my grandparents lived till there 90’s, they are just ate good healthy food, there was no takeaway

    • I am also eating LC/Mod Fat and have lost 13 kilos in 5 months…mostly I am avoiding sugar/processed food. Fish oil capsules help my skin to be less itchy and dry.

    • #bringbackthefat I totally agree with you I am also on LC/HF and have never been better. Have reduced my tablets from 7 per day to 3 per day

    • You have nailed it! Walked out on the last idiot doctor who wanted my husband back on statins and INCREASE his bp medication when it read 120/75 in his surgery??? Drug pushers!

    • It’s the carbs that are killing us. And the sitting at desks all day, not out hunting. Sitting at a desk all day, go to the gym only to sit at the same desk again. It’s not rocket science?

    • Thank you noni for sharing the fact that fish oil makes your skin less itchy & dry I’ve had cortisone lotion from the doctor with little effect I’m off to get some fish oil. I agree with everyone they just out to make money with their poisonous drugs health shop for me & I’ve always eaten like the old days grow my own fruit & vege then I know there’s no chemicals on them

    • Good for you. I have had a similar experience, feeling much better by not following the prescribed food pyramid style of eating. Also take my fish oil, evening primrose oil and have much less pain. The other benefit is a weight maintenance which is so easy.

  5. I have no faith in supplements. These are only going to make you poor and not improve your health.

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    • With supplements readily available the potential to change the lives of sufferers is immense and relatively inexpensive. Supplements have often proved their worth over the last century, and it is to be hoped that with new research these inexpensive pills can change even more lives.

  6. I take it for osteo arthritis..does it work for that? anyone know

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  7. I honestly don’t know who or what to believe anymore .. must be good for something as I haven’t felt worse ??

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