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More than 350 million people around the world lie with type-2 diabetes and the condition is particularly rampant in developed nations like the US and Australia.

Sometimes labelled as a “lifestyle” disease, type-2 diabetes is best managed with diet and lifestyle factor, which work together to maintain blood sugar at a safe, comfortable level.

The typical recommendation for people with this condition is to eat a healthy diet and avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates, along with saturated fat. But a growing body of research is pointing to a new diet plan that could have dramatic results, both for the health of diabetics and the costs of the disease on the economy.

Drawing on this research, an Australian team of researchers has conducted a small trial with big results.

The researchers say a healthy diet for type-2 diabetes involves more than simply cutting out sugar, they say it could mean cutting right back on the most common form of sugar, that is, carbohydrates – even the “good” ones.

“While excessive sugar will no doubt increase blood sugar levels, especially if you’re having sweetened drinks, any source of carbohydrate will have the same effect. This includes anything that contains flour, rice or pasta, as well as fruit and potato,” says the team from CSIRO and the South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute.

New data based on high-quality research “strongly suggests” restricting carbs and moderately increasing protein and unsaturated fat intake may have further benefits for controlling type 2 diabetes and reducing the risk of complications from the disease.

The researchers have returned to a “Mediterranean” style diet – which has low carbohydrate, high protein and includes a lot of vegetables, nuts, lean meats and healthy fats – in combination with exercise. They assigned 115 adults with type 2 diabetes to two different weight-loss programs.

One group followed a very low-carbohydrate and high-protein diet for 24 weeks. The other had a higher carbohydrate, but still low GI, diet.

“Early results have been ground-breaking; our diet is better at improving diabetes control compared to traditional weight-loss diets. But its most striking benefit is that it reduces the amount of medication someone with diabetes has to take by half. This reduction was three times greater than for people who followed the lifestyle program that incorporates a traditional high-carbohydrate diet plan.”

The very low-carb diet also showed an improvement in blood cholesterol, increasing the levels of good (HDL) cholesterol and decreasing triglyceride (blood fat) to a greater extent than the traditional high-carbohydrate, low-fat diet.

Another great benefit of the low-carb, high-protein and high-unsaturated-fat diet was that it meant participants’ blood sugar levels remained more stable throughout the day, requiring less  medication.

“Our findings suggest that, by implementing a lifestyle program incorporating a healthy low-carbohydrate, high-protein, high-unsaturated-fat diet at a national level, the country could save up to A$250 million annually through reductions in diabetes-related medication alone,” say the researchers.

What are your thoughts on this proposed new diet? Could it help you? 

It’s National Diabetes week. If you know someone who could benefit from this information, be sure to share it!

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  1. This would be very helpful to myself and hubby, would love to have the full result and what to do. We have changed our diet radically and our sugars seem to be ok but more knowledge would be great

  2. I was diagnosed 12 months ago and put myself on a low carb diet. That means no grains, no potatoes, no bread, no pastas, no rice. It has been surprisingly easy to stick to and the results have been excellent. As a bonus I lost 18 kilos without trying.

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  3. No, they don,t surprise me! For years now people were told the wrong thing, it,s a wonder some of these organisations haven,t been sued! Poor old Dr, Atkins was right all along, but was demonised by many.

  4. This is the diet in our household. It’s easy to stick to and very beneficial. We have the occasional potato, but buy one by one as needed. There are some fruits that are okay, but you need to work out what suits your household.

  5. I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes forty years ago. They put me on a ‘ Portion Diet”, did not like the idea so set up my own Diet Plan. I just eat what I like. Never eaten a vegetable in my life and to top it I smoke and drink, that’s in my diet plan. There go I by the grace of God.

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    • Doctors have given up on me. When I told the last GP that I had a creamy donut, he fell off his chair. Three doctors who insisted I eat veggies, in fact 5 as their mothers had insisted to eat everyday. I am sorry to tell you they passed away very young after eating a very healthy diet.

  6. After years of being told to have two to three carbs with each meal, which I thought was so hard. I have realised through trial and error and some research, this way of eating had the greatest effect on my type 2 Diabeties. Apparently the information we often get is because the people doing the information sessions for diabetics class everyone as type 1 and insulin dependant. I really believe there needs to be an overhaul of all the information that is given so that each person situation is treated individually.

  7. My daughter was told to cut out the carbs completely as she has pre gestatational diabetes, but at a consultation with a hospital dietician last week she was told she can have three serves a day safely. These experts need to get their act together.

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    • Needs to see a diabetic educator, they will put here in right track. Hospital dietician was hopeless ,we have yearly follow ups with her and get latest updates

    • This is a specially trained member of a hospital High Risk Pregnancy Clinic as my daughter has previously lost three babies before recently being diagnosed with a blood clotting disorder.

  8. I am convinced they really don’t know a lot about diabetes – everyone is an individual and has different requirements

  9. I suppose the old saying fresh is best is a good idea to stick too..I don’t have diabetes but am open to healthy eating, prevention is better than a cure. It never hurts to think ahead

  10. Everyday, new food information that conflicts with yesterday’s! For God sake if carbs were so bad every Italian and Chinese on the planet would be sick! Just eat what you want and die, like the rest of us, when it’s your time!!!!!!!

  11. Check out the doco ‘Simply Raw’ which features the recovery /reversal of type 2 subjects over a month at Tree of Life in Arizona with the wonderful Dr Gabriel Cousens on a raw organic vegan diet.
    No starches, no animal products at all, even as fertilizer.
    I was there for 3 weeks in February this year and saw a number of diabetics recovering very quickly in this amazing retreat on this amazing eating program.
    Type 1 can help themselves considerably on this diet but need much more supervision.
    Dr Cousens also has a book called ‘There is a cure for diabetes’

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