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New research puts prawns back on the menu for many

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For years, prawns were classified as a “sometimes food” due to the belief that they were high in cholesterol.  Doctors advised people with heart issues to avoid prawns as they contain 189 milligrammes of cholesterol which amounts to 60 per cent of your daily intake.

This fact led doctors to think that prawns were bad for your heart health. However, it is now proven that prawns increase the good cholesterol in your body which improves your heart health!  They are also very low in saturated fat and contain no trans-fat.  Prawns are also an excellent source of selenium which is an antioxidant that helps your body fight free-radicals.

Prawns also are jam packed with vitamin B12 and phosphorus which helps repair cells and promotes red-blood-cell production.  It also helps fight off inflammation which allows your joints to move a lot better.

The benefits also come down to how they are cooked.  Experts advise that boiling, grilling, or baking them with little to no oil is the best.  They can be seasoned with spices and garlic and served with lemon.  The health benefits are lost if they are cooked in a lot of butter, or served with creamy sauces or pasta.

On their own is the best way to enjoy prawns and get the health boost.

How do you like your prawns? Share your favourite prawn recipe down below.

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