Natural remedies to get rid of dandruff... even in your eyebrows!

There are a great many reasons you could get dandruff — it could be a change in the weather, you might have eczema, psoriasis or an overgrowth of malassezia (a yeastlike fungus). The most common locations you might get dandruff include your scalp,inside and around your ears, around your noise and the skin between your eyebrows… Yes, your eyebrows!

While there are plenty of chemical remedies, including shampoos, which slow the growth and death of skin cells there are also a number of natural treatments you can use.

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1. Vinegar
Vinegar helps to treat itchy, dry skin and also helps to kill dandruff-causing fungus and bacteria. The acidic content of vinegar is highly beneficial in dramatically reducing your skin flaking.

Apply an equal quantity of white vinegar with water on the affected area roughly 30 minutes before you wash.

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2. Baking soda
Your kitchen could be the key to your itch-free, flake-free skin, by wetting your hair and vigorously rubbing a handful of baking soda into your scalp (if this is where you dandruff is). The baking soda will reduce the overactive fungi that’s causing your dandruff. Although you may experience dried out hair, it won’t take long before your scalp starts producing its natural oils and your hair is softer and free of flakes.

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3. Tea tree oil
This is great for flaky skin, especially around your eyebrows! Tea tree oil is renowned for its ability to fight fungal and bacterial infections. Simply rub a couple of drops into the affected area and wait for the positive results. However, be careful you don’t use undiluted tea tree oil on your skin as it can cause an allergic or irritant reaction.

If you want to treat the skin on your hair or other parts of the body, opt for adding a few drops into your shampoo or body wash bottle and use the product as directed.

4. Garlic
Okay, so the pungent smell of garlic might turn you off using this method, but the medicinal value of garlic is definitely something you should consider. Garlic is a positive natural product because of its anti-fungal properties. Pound one to two cloves of garlic and mix with water. Use it on your scalp and be amazed by the results. If you don’t like the smell you could try adding a little bit of honey and ginger to the mix.

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5. Lemon
You might keep lemon in the fruit bowl to use in your drinks, but 2 tablespoons of lemon juice rubbed into your scalp, rinsed with water, will provide you with dandruff relief too. Follow this up by adding 1 teaspoon of lemon juice to 1 cup of water and rinsing your hair with it. Repeat the process each day until your dandruff disappears. The acidity of lemons helps to balance the pH of your scalp, and this will help keep your dandruff away.

Have you ever battled with flaky skin? What treatments did you use? Do you know of any natural remedies that aren’t mentioned here?