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This is part eight of Pat’s weight loss journey that she is sharing with us. To read her previous blog, click here. Each week she will document her progress as you support her and hopefully gain positivity and encouragement to lead a healthier life.

As I enter another week, my weight loss has plateaued and I find there is more to sustained weight loss than just eating healthy unprocessed food. As a child I was made stay at the table until every morsel of food was eaten. I am sure that I’am not alone and that many of you reading this blog will identify with what I’m saying. I believe that this type of forced eating sets up negative patterns of eating which stay long after one has grown to an adult. In the back of one’s mind is the nagging thought, “I must finish every thing on my plate”. It is only now in my 63rd year that I am challenging those thoughts.

Dietary research indicates that it takes 15 minutes before the body registers that it has had enough to eat. So it got me thinking: how many of us, while eating good healthy food may be eating more than we need? As a general rule of thumb, I have  either 1/2 cup of rice, pasta,or sweet potato along with a serving of protein with the remainder of my meal being made up of vegetables. I find this works for me. 

Sustained weight loss is very much an individual process and what works for one may not work for another. It really is all about finding what works for you.  

As I mentioned earlier my weight loss has plateaued at this point in time, this is not a time to get down, quit or heaven forbid go on a food binge. No one has won a race by stopping during the race. So it is, if we are to be successful in our journey to better health and weight loss we need to stay for the long haul. This week has been a struggle for me, those old diet thoughts came back: you’re wasting your time, you’re always going to be fat, you haven’t lost any weight in two weeks. I could have fallen into the trap of dwelling on my negative thoughts but instead I chose to remind myself of where I started and what I have achieved. I have lost 6 kilos; 6 kilos of fat. Next time you’re out grocery shopping look at the margarine section, picture the weight you have lost in terms of tubs of margarine, it made me smile.

Anyway that’s it till next week, remember it’s never too late to put yourself first in your journey to better health and weight loss. 

Tell us, how is your weight loss journey going?

Pat Daley

Married 42 yrs and have three adult children, plus six adorable granchildren.

  1. I agree with Pat Daley whole heartedly. Like me, as a child I was made to eat everything on my plate. in fact I still at the age of 65 tend to do the same thing. I have recently in fact I still at the age of 65 tend to do the same thing. I have recently been trying to just put less on my plate and eat healthier. It is seem to be working as I have lost a few kilos over the. And eat healthier. It is seem to be working as I have lost a few kilos over the last few month. If you want to lose it quicker you have to do exercise as well. So good luck to you all

  2. I love my Mom so much, but her lifestyle was out of control and she needed a change. Her eating and lack of exercise were kicking her butt..I did my research and she agreed to attempt a weight loss solution. We gave Old School New Body a shot. It’s specifically designed for the over 40 demographic. They have designed what’s called a Focus 4 Exercise’ system that cuts the fat and sculpts the body. Well 3 months later, she’s lost over 45 pounds and looks amazing. She’s curved her bad habits and is well on her way to a happier and healthier life. Check out my review and her transformation here:

  3. So true trying to learn at 60 to pace myself on an Alaskan cruise at the moment so much food, so much temptation. Doing okay most of the time

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    • We lost weight on our cruise. At first it was great eating, after the first week we ate a much in a more controlled way it was easy because of the beautiful salads or soups so we choose to eat light meals or just small serves if we wanted the roast eg And so much walking. So we came home slimmer and fitter, who would have

  4. I am considerably overweight and it infuriates me that people assume I eat cakes and chocolate all the time. I rarely eat sweet foods, for years have a had low fat milk, no sugar in coffee or tea. Fried foods are rarely eaten at home but sometimes consumed when I am dining out. However I still get a guilty feeling if I don’t eat everything on my plate like I was told to as a child. So yes leaving food and reducing quantity consumed is the only answer. Teaching children to try everything on their plate rather than eat everything is a much better way to go.

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    • Morning Barbara, we will never be able to change what people think of us and while it is infuriating it sais more about them than us. At the end of the day we can only do our best. Cheers Pat.

  5. We sometimes buy kids meals which I feel is enough to satisfy us. Most meals at clubs etc. are too much.

  6. You are so right Pat, keep up the good work. I lost over 20kg last year, quite suddenly. I had taken Nurofen after a fall which left me with a pain in my back, subsequently I developed Gastritis (not unusual apparently) Food was something I wasn’t interested in, and when I finally started to eat, couldn’t eat the amount I used to, consequently the weight has stayed off. The amount of food eaten is 80 percent of the obesity problem, (look at the Americans).

  7. We take big mouthfuls, don’t chew each long enough.
    Dinner plates are bigger than 25 yrs ago as are bread rolls.
    Meat serving meant to be no bigger than palm of hand and yet you can buy enormous steaks X 3 times as big.
    Fish serving can be larger.

  8. I have finally found a doctor who agrees with me – I don’t have to have 3 square meals a day. He says I can easily skip a meal a day if I don’t feel hungry. Eat when I’m hungry and for me this works, so am trying yet again!

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    • Hi Julie, glad you have found a doctor who is helpful and sees things as you do. Weight loss is about what works for you. The idea of eating when not hungry seems a little crazy. Lol All the best for the future.

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