Memory problems affect women more according to experts
By Starts at 60 WritersIn DementiaOn Wednesday 25th Jan, 2017

Memory problems affect women more according to experts

As you age, it is important to focus on your cognitive health. While some cognitive decline is normal at a certain age, a new study has shown that the decline starts sooner in women.

The study was undertaken by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) studied groups of women at different stages of their lives and found that after menopause cognitive ability could drop 5-percent more than previously thought.  This can affect your memory and understanding capabilities.

Researchers concluded, “This study provides good new evidence of cognitive ageing in women in midlife, with significant longitudinal declines in both processing speed and verbal memory. Unlike previous longitudinal studies in midlife that were based on 3 or fewer cognition assessments, and could not adequately account for practice effects, we analysed up to 6 annual or biennial assessments, allowing us to minimise the impact of practice effects and unmask declines.”

So what can be done? Focusing on your cognitive health is something you might already be doing. Exercising the body is one of the main suggestions as a healthy body does help the brain. While another essential suggestion is to take up a new hobby, the mental challenge of learning something new can make the brain react in cognitive ability.

All other forms of learning, including visiting a museum or taking a short course, will also help. While some people prefer to use brain exercising apps on their smartphones or tablets.

How to you exercise your brain? What are your favourite forms of mental stimulation?

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