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The Abbott Government’s Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme has been passed by Senate last night, the bottom line being that from October 2016 more than 2,000 brands of common medicine will drop in price.

“Consumers are the big winners from the passing of this package, with the overall price of thousands of common medicines to fall by upwards of hundreds of dollars per year,” said Health Minister Sussan Ley.

“The saving will be even higher for patients on multiple medicines, with a patient treating heart problems and osteoporosis set to potentially save as much as $600 or more per year”.

“Patients with concession cards will also particularly benefit from our reform package, which will allow pharmacists the ability to discount their co-payment by up to $1 per script. This will help drive greater competition in the sector and quickly add up to substantial savings for patients over a year”.

Between 2016 and 2020, common medicines and generics will drop in price by 50%. Pharmacists will also now be allowed to discount the PBS co-payment for patients with concession cards by $1, with an annual saving for pensioners of $40.

In addition to cheaper medicine, the Government is also doubling its investment in primary care programmes for patients over the next five years.

Hopefully there will more good medicine news soon, with the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) still to recommend new drug listings.

Will this new pricing make a big difference to your household budget? Are there drugs you’re eagerly awaiting to be added to the list?

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  1. Oh I promise Tony will find a way to push the costs back up again!

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    • Gee Avis, Sandra
      Can yu ever be grateful?
      I thought to myself maybe the Abbott bashers will be happy with this one but no

    • Kim Valentine I would be willing to trust this lot about as far as I could throw them based purely on past performance. Or doesn’t past performance ring any bells for you?

    • Frankly Bruce Mason I trust all of them to about the same level. I find as soon as they want us to think we’re getting something a bit cheaper the fine print kicks in and it proves to be illusory. Currently the Coalition is running a slight edge over the rest of them.

    • many don’t trust them Avis your not alone, it is a long time till this eventuates, we will all wait and see what happens

    • It’s that very fact that makes me sceptical Janet. I have to wonder what’s behind it. Luckily for me I rarely get sick apart from having that filthy cold going around right now. Getting my script I saw some quite elderly people paying through the nose for their medicines and I’m sure they would be much relieved to be asked to pay less right now

    • Oh Bruce Mason I’m not sure if you’re suffering from stupidity or your ears and eyes are glued up. Whatever, what you’re suffering from causes your thinking ability to run into logjams. Are you sure you’re not my neighbour’s dog. I don’t actually believe I need your approval in order to say what I think. I suggest you hire an engineer, build a bridge and get over yourself!

    • This will not eventuate for over 12 months , if at all..what do you people expect from us fireworks and champagne ? we will wait and see what happens

    • Poor losers that labor mob Bruce,they get nasty,Three or four trolls on this site. They just can’t get over the fact they lost the last election .Hope they didn’t miss the last episode of The Killing Season. Could any of that mob be trusted,Me thinks not. You will have to be like all of us and wait for the next election. The majority rules in this country.Get over It.!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I am amazed Alex Johnson that you trust any of them whatever their political leaning. A few years ago Belgium had something like 18 months without a parliament and survived perfectly well without them. I’m beginning to think politicians everywhere are a luxury no country can afford any longer, or needs. Until politics starts to practice what they claim are their values I’ll take all political comments with a large side dish of scepticism, thanks.

  2. Well if you want to be that negative,enjoy the price fall while it last’s! Whinge moan whinge is all you ever see on these pages!

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    • To some people even a few dollars makes a difference especially the pensioners & if people want to whinge they will don’t be s bloody nasty

    • Exactly Pamela,so why is Avis whinging?If they went up I could see her point but they have dropped.By the way I am a pensioner!

    • I didn’t see it as whinging Jacqueline she us correct ..when the government charges to doctors drop for visits they will try enforcing that extra payment again

    • Jacqueline
      They put the pensioners medications costs up a couple of months ago. You can guarantee that Abbott will put them up again before the discounted prices come into effect. So we really aren’t getting any good deal.

    • Everything has gone up Jacqueline but the pension has not some pensioners are really struggling .. Not eating well not running heating or cooling/ fans for fear of bills Abbott will make sure the prices increase before the supposed drop in oct 2016 which is too far away

    • It has yet to start! Bet it never will. And you are obviously not someone who has to count the pennies.

    • Are you refering to me Marlene baker ? I only work 11 hrs a week & yes watch my pennies. I am very concerned for the pensioners I work with them see their struggle

    • your a nasty person don’t know anything about anyone elses life..your just assuming and that is as bad as gossiping

    • The Nasty labor trolls attacking anyone who voted for our elected govt.They should watch replays of the Killing Field while waiting for the next Democratic Election.The elected Govt runs this country,Not a handful of sore losers.

  3. Why October 2016 why not immediately

    11 REPLY
    • The rich pensioners won’t lose anything till 2017,do you think they will have it all stashed under the bed by then,so they can keep getting the pension! lol

    • Hopefully we get an early election & get rid of Abbott soon Avis but who ever gets in will still hurt the pensioners & rip the tax payer off

    • So Pamela you think that the deal with the pharmacy to lower the prices of medicines is something you personally didn’t need so therefore it was not good for everyone else who may have and something the LNP shouldn’t have bothered with. Well I think there are many who will benefit from lower costs for their various illnesses. As far as the retired people who will lose their part pensions, remember they did nothing wrong at the time, except save for their retirement, it’s just that the rules are being changed going forward and the time lapse is to allow them to divest and reorganise their financial arrangements. I think one point which gets lost in the agrument of the more wealthy and the poorer rest of us is that whilst they invested all the extra money in the superannuation funds, it did help the rest of us to earn better returns as the money was loaned out for infrastructure, building, and other projects.

    • Pamela, if Irene misunderstood what you were saying, that is one thing, but no need to be so rude! She did not call you names, read the rules of this group!

  4. Never now that we are on benefits, was very often shocked when paying full price, anyone not paying full price has nothing to whinge about, count yourself very lucky indeed.

  5. But it will cost as more to see a doctor to get a script. And I imagine there will be some reason cheaper prices will not be passed on!

  6. so why wait to 2016? they won’t be in government again and can promise now anything

    1 REPLY
    • Was just going to ask the same question, why do they expect us to suddenly say oh wow arent they great when any time they ‘give ‘us something its so far down the track many of us will probably never see makes one wonder

  7. I have always found it hard to understand why when anything has to increase it happens immediately ( fuel, tax, meds., mortgage etc. etc. ) However, when a decrease happens it takes months before it comes into effect – what is the reason for that? ( Ha! Ha! – The answer is obvious – so they can milk every cent out of it before applying the decrease )
    When any decreases finally apply there is more legislation going through to increase something else – so we’re all on a roller- coaster of ups & downs. Unfortunately for most of us we don’t achieve the up part of the ride.

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