Managing hearing loss is as easy as charging your mobile phone

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Hearing loss has touched us all in one form or another. Some of us have dealt with it directly; or perhaps experienced their partner or loved one struggle with the symptoms.

Early intervention can make a world of difference. It can allow somebody with hearing loss to continue their life on their own terms; to engage with the world and the people around them without any obstacles. It can even prevent some of the biggest health risks associated with hearing loss, reducing the risks of depression, dementia and falls.

We know hearing aids can help. But let’s face it: they aren’t always practical.

Traditional hearing aids can require frequent adjustments and battery changes. They can interrupt the day-to-day flow of life. And they can raise some worrying ‘what if’s: What if my partner has an emergency and I can’t hear them? What if I run out of batteries while I’m taking a long-distance drive?

For those in doubt about traditional hearing aids, Swiss manufacturer Phonak, one of the world’s leaders in hearing solutions, are offering Starts at 60 readers the chance to try something simpler – free of charge – and experience the advantage of rechargeable hearing aids first-hand.

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Hearing loss has become easier to manage than ever. Phonak believes a hearing device should be as simple a part of your life as glasses or contact lenses, and that charging it should be as simple as charging a mobile phone. They have taken enormous strides to make this ideal world a reality.

Rechargeable hearing aid technology has had some particularly large breakthroughs in recent years. The Phonak Audéo™ B-R is the quickest-charging, longest-lasting rechargeable option on the market – one quick charge while you sleep, or your power pack while you’re on the go, can keep your hearing aids going for 24 hours. That’s a full day with your family; an entire flight to London; the freedom to do whatever you want without hearing aid practicalities getting in the way.

Other advantages include:

  • Multiple on-the-go charging options that can suit your individual lifestyle and needs. (This makes it ideal for travellers and grey nomads.)
  • No more finicky battery changing – saving you time and money in the process.
  • Lithium-ion batteries that provide 40% more power than other rechargeable hearing aids.

And where hearing aids once required frequent manual adjustments to suit your needs, Phonak devices are fully automated, seamlessly adapting to every place, activity and conversation. The technology is also more intuitive than ever; it can help isolate even quiet voices in crowded areas, adding a whole new level of comfort and ease to social interaction.

No longer will hearing loss need to get in the way of the things you love.

From communication with a spouse to long-distance driving, it can become a simple and seamless part of your life.

But there’s only one way to truly appreciate how genuinely life-changing it can be: trying it for yourself.

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to free yourself of the frustrations of disposable hearing aid batteries.

Phonak are offering a free trial of their new rechargeable Audéo B-R hearing aids. Click here to sign up and learn first-hand how it can help you reconnect with the things you love.



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