Male or female hormone wimp test

This article refers to a male or female body, which is in perfect balance and producing its own set of age-defying and fat burning hormones 24/7.  The hormones like estrogen, testosterone, insulin, leptin, dihydrotestosterone (for men), ghrelin, leptin and many more have to work in perfect harmony to feel balanced. Not only do they work in an orchestra like unison to control hunger, sex drive and metabolism, but they also increase sports performance and ward off today’s most prolific pandemic killers such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease etc.

You can’t harness the power of HIT (hormonal intelligence therapy) with drugs, but by simply adhering to a strict, yet tasty nutri-logic driven diet and specific exercises. Supplementing “bio-identical” plant based hormones can also be helpful to restore your testosterone levels back to their glory days.

Be warned though, even the FDA warns of testosterone gels causing heart attacks and even strokes! Therefore please no shortcuts with gels and pills, but looking at adapting a healthy lifestyle and move into the older years with vigour and a twinkle in your eyes.

Our general innate hormonal intelligence is achieved via simple yet effective exercises and nutritious foods, enabling us to function with plenty of energy and in perfect balance. This hormonal equilibrium will keep you young and sexy into old age, with the minimum of fuss.


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  • Are you eating “low-cal” sport bars?
  • Are you eating pre-packaged foods?
  • Are you using an FDA/TGA approved drugs such as a diet pill or statins?
  • Are you eating more than 3 meals per day?
  • Are you ingesting synthetic hormones that aren’t made by your body?
  • Are you eating lots of fruit daily – remember fructose turns into sugar in your body?
  • Are you eating one meal per day?
  • Are you skipping breakfast?
  • Are you eating sugary, carbohydrate-loaded foods in between meals?

If you answered YES to any single one of these questions, your body is most probably carrying some excess weight. This is most likely due to a sugar addiction, which is causing you hormonal havoc within your body. And that’s just a sign of worse things to come like heart disease and cancer. Simply put, your body is in fact, hormonally out-of-whack. If weight loss is occurring, because you are exercising strenuously, it’s only due to the loss of water, glycogen and/or muscle! Not only will this empty your energy stores, but also it will cause you to age prematurely.

Get a sensible nutri-logic plan from the websites of Dr. Mercola – there are several different plans, which you can download for free from this excellent website.

Ban all pre-prepared foods, never skip a meal unless you are fasting intermittently and get moving by doing High Intensity Training and you will soon reap the benefits of feeling better and healthier than you ever did before.

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On a personal level, I had lost my libido due to surgical intervention some years back. Luckily for me, I have managed to regain my libido only with the help of the Wiley program, a plant based bio-identical hormonal program. I have been on this protocol for many years (and so have millions of other women worldwide) who will attest to its amazing qualities of keeping our brains young and active, thanks to the perfect symphony of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, ghrelin, insulin, leptin balance we have created in our bodies.

Many of the older women I know are combining plant based bio identical hormones, nutri-logic and exercise to keep our interest in sex very much alive. Having your libido take a dive ain’t no joke, trust me on that. When your interest in the fairer sex seems a long and distant memory – then it is time to look at your “wimpey hormones” and take the questionnaire listed above seriously.

For the men, who also suffer from hormonal imbalance, consider High Intensity Training twice a week and eat some mung beans sprouts daily and drop any pre-prepared foods including all sodas and if necessary even the booze! If you are not making any positive progress with these simple lifestyle changes, then it might be time to look into taking further additional supplements such as l’arginine and tribulus terrestris.

Initially it is really important to be honest with yourself when assessing your hormonal balance, because it can be beneficial to you in the long run to realise its possible shortcomings.

The choice is entirely yours:

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Balanced hormones allow you to be energetic and full of vigor and joy into old age.

I know I made my lifestyle changes years ago and I am now very happy having a balanced brain and body.

Happy days and nights!


Do you have a hormone imbalance? What have you done to get your body back to full health? Tell us below.