Malcolm Turnbull swears blind on his Medicare promise to Australians

Medicare’s introduction in 1983 meant Australian citizens and permanent residents were entitled to subsidised health care, as well as free treatment in
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Medicare’s introduction in 1983 meant Australian citizens and permanent residents were entitled to subsidised health care, as well as free treatment in public hospitals.

Since that day, 40 years ago, Medicare has been fairly steady – until recently. There’s been talk of a co-payment, there’s been talk of privatisation. And on the latter topic, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is wanting to reassure Australians it will never happen… ever.

This is despite there already being a plan in motion to outsource the Medicare payments system.

The ABC reports since 2014, the Government has been considering privatising Medicare, as a way of modernising the system and saving money.

As recent TV ad campaign starring former prime minister Bob Hawke warning against privatisation has drawn the ire of the PM.

In the ad, Mr Hawke says “You don’t set up a Medicare privatisation taskforce unless you aim to privatise Medicare”, and “Help Bill Shorten and Bill Shorten stand-up to protect Medicare. Which means protecting you and your family”:

Mr Turnbull said the campaign was “disgraceful” and Medicare would “never ever” be privatised under his Government.

Mr Turnbull on Saturday ruled out Medicare becoming private.

“Every element of Medicare, every aspect of Medicare that is delivered by Government today will continue to be delivered by Government in the future, full stop,” he said.

“Medicare will never, ever, ever be privatised.

“It is a core Government service.”

Labor agrees. On Friday, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said the payments system was “the heart of the Medicare system” and it should not be privatised.

Watch the video of his promise below and tell us: do you believe him?

  1. jan dodson  

    Howard denied there would be a GST too didn’t he. It’s only Mal’s word not the Liberals government.

  2. Mary O'Dea  

    Well after the election it could be said that the payment system is not actually a part of Medicare. But it is a foot in the door for incremental change.

    • colin  

      the payment system is the heart of Medicare. you privatise one part then the other parts will follow very quickly, and we all Know fro Abbot and Howard all Liberal lie straight in bed…

  3. Ann  

    Ahh the promise “NEVER EVER” well we heard that one with the GST. Don’t forget Malcom Turncoat when you state that Labor is putting out a disgraceful video about Medicare and that the unions are trying to frighten the older generation. Let me remind you that the older generation don’t scare that easy we have been through a lot. The thing is we older generation have seen good and bad governments come and go and this election we have a greater choice of putting you and your cronies along with the labor and greens out and if this does happen you only have yourselves to blame. JUST DONT UNDER ESTIMATE THE POWER OF THE GREY ARMY WE ARE PLENTY

    • Deborah  

      Well said. …they both deserve to go.

  4. Anne Wolski  

    By setting up a privatisation taskforce, he pretty much said that it will happen. God help the poor and the sick if this goose gets back in

  5. PHIL George  

    As we all know that there are no statesmen in our government, they are there to line their own pockets and say something but have a turnaround the next day you have to put them in the same category as a used car sales
    men. Vote for as many independents and keep these sweet talkers honest

    • Deborah  

      Yes. ..that’s the way….teach these jokers a lesson….i am voting for Pauline Hanson.

  6. Jennifer Dickson  

    Maybe not in his time as PM, but if he is rolled and replaced as PM we have no certainty that another PM will not dud us on Medicare and other nasties in their rotten agenda.

  7. trisha  

    Sorry Mr Turnbull, but you are not telling us the truth. You will get around this by calling things by other names –
    we are not stupid, and we know how you all work. Leave Medicare alone infact give it more support.
    Care for your weak and sick and show us you care.

  8. colin  

    I still want to know what is behind the slogan Jobs and Growth. the jobs are possibly off shore or those on Visa 457? so the growth would be the car industry offshore, Cayman Island tax haven, increasing the making of sledgehammers for the live cattle industry . ( ok I am being silly) but he never verifies the slogan

  9. Dawn Moore  

    I don’t know who to believe.
    I was horrified recently to hear that a young guy I know has had his hours drastically cut at the Taxation Department because the work is now being done in India!!!!! How many people know about this? I think most tax payers would be horrified to discover their records are being dealt with in India!! What about the privacy factor?
    Our governments are sleazy.

  10. I remember the last election right on the last day Abbott says no cuts to health no cuts to abc etc etc now Malcom is doing the same thing. Since this mob has been in there have been big cuts to health education and the abc whats more they have tripled the debt.
    Great managers ?????????????????? Don’t think so.
    If you voted for Abbott you got Turnbull. So who really are you voting for this time ?? Julie Bishop?

  11. rikda  

    The only thing the Liberal Party can guarantee for sure & for certain is that the truth is a stranger.
    They are a disgrace to the conservative ideology & the office.
    Remember? “Yes I lied to the people & I lied to parliament, & I’m glad I did”
    That’s what you would be voting for.

  12. It really does not matter which party ends up in power. They are like children at the moment carrying on about either partys’ inability to tell us the truth. I want to hear what “They” are going to do for us not have fingers pointed like little children. At the end of it all they will “tell us” what we want to hear but do as they please/plan. We are in a no-win situation. They should all be paid on performance ratings.Then there would be quite a few Polititians who would need a 2nd job to have their life style.

    • Deborah  

      True. ….Pauline Hanson gets my vote….

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