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Do you enjoy a slice of cake with your coffee? New research from Cancer Council NSW may make you think twice before placing your coffee order.

The study surveyed five popular chains including Gloria Jeans, McCafe, Muffin Break, Michel’s Patisserie and The Coffee Club. It was revealed that the common stop to kickstart to your day, could make up nearly half of the recommended daily sugar and fat intake for adults.

Don’t despair, for your standard coffee – long black, flat white, cappuccino – isn’t doing you the harm. Rather, it’s the daily ritual where people are complementing their coffee with a sweet treats or even opting for a tall, flavoured, cream-fluffed drink alternative.

The Cancer Council NSW study revealed that brekky favourites, such as a McCafe banana bread (containing 14 tsp of sugar and 2570 kilojoules of energy), can contain more kilojoules than recommended for in-between-meal snacks.

“We found McCafé’s banana bread contained 14 teaspoons of sugar and 2570 kilojoules — that’s four times the kilojoules that we should be consuming from a between-meal treat. This is about the same as a McDonald’s Big Mac,” said researcher Clare Hughes.

Muffin Break’s coconut chocolate slice contained 47 per cent of an adult’s daily energy requirement, its sticky date cake had 100 per cent of sugar requirement and some muffins had 90 per cent of a daily sugar limit, reports News Limited.

An iced coffee purchased from The Coffee Club contains 39g of saturated fat or the equivalent of 163 per cent of the recommended daily intake.

Even certain hot drinks such as Muffin Break’s chai latte or hot chocolate, can contain nearly half of your daily saturated fat intake.

Researcher Clare Hughes is encouraging these chains to serve smaller, healthier portions of these snacks and beverages, commenting that correcting the daily habit can add up in the long-run. For instance, over the course of a year, eating that dainty slice worth an extra 500kj each day, could add an extra 5kg to your weight.

Hughes commented, “If we can stabilise or decrease obesity levels in Australia, half a million lives could be saved by 2050. That would mean fewer cases of obesity related cancers, such as bowel, endometrial and post-menopausal breast cancer; as well as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.”

Was your favourite coffee companion implicated in the research? How often do you indulge in coffee and cake? 

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  1. Like jacket potatoes – it’s all the extras that are bad for you. I just like my skinny latte, no sugar.

  2. So I suppose a cappuccino and 2 donuts are out. A vice that I have

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  3. I have just watched Catalyst on Obesity, Depression and Eating Disorder. I think I should check out the Eating Disorder part. I can be travelling along nicely and suddenly, like a spell cast upon me, I want something to eat. I’m not hungry but that “want” HAS to be met. Thankfully I don’t have the money to waste on buying coffee and cakes very often. Home made instant coffee and a kit kat when they are on special for $1 from Coles or WW. I drink a lot of coffee with Trim milk no sugar and unaccompanied by food.

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  4. My Great Grandmother made cakes all the time,admittedly with tea,not coffee.She lived to be 90.Its all about genetics.

  5. I have no sugar in anything, mine is coffee with lite Milk

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    • Mum’s friends were like this. Always had powered milk, ordinary and skim. It never went off because they made it as they used it. I keep saying I’m going to do this – but it hasn’t eventuated yet.

  6. To frightened to put anything into my mouth anymore!
    Then why do we get all those scrumptious recipes all the time? Who is going to eat it?

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    • It seems everything is bad for us these days. Don’t eat, don’t drink, don’t breath!! Might as well be dead. As they keep saying – life’s too short and I’ll eat what I like. Don’t care anymore, gotta die of something – might as well be happiness!

  7. I must confess to making my own biscuits and muffins they are healthy and are sweetened with honey. That’s my excuse anyway, you can’t be good all of the time.

  8. Dont like that as I have a Cafe but the good news is a latte has the same calories as an apple….so have the coffee 4 days a week by itself then one day a treat…..lifes too short.

  9. Well I can’t have coffee, so I have weak black tea with lemon, no calories so I have a huge slab of triple chocolate cake with gooey icing to make up. Lol not true I’m a savoury kid.

  10. Why do people drink coffee, its carciniogenic; You will get cancer. Just look at the cancer rate in US 75% coffee drinkers!

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