Lisa Wilkinson opens up about heartbreaking issue

Today Show presenter Lisa Wilkinson has revealed she suffered from three heartbreaking miscarriages while trying for a fourth child. Lisa

Today Show presenter Lisa Wilkinson has revealed she suffered from three heartbreaking miscarriages while trying for a fourth child.

Lisa and her husband Peter FitzSimons, already had three children together – Jake, Louis and Billi, and were hoping to have one more baby together. Speaking publicly about the issue for the first time, Lisa said she woke up one morning when she was 11 weeks pregnant and knew something was terribly wrong.

“There is really nothing that prepares you for that moment when they do a scan and they say ‘the baby’s dead’,” she told radio presenter Katie Diamond.

“Just nothing prepares you for that.

“Because you know when you’ve been lucky enough to give birth and you meet that person for the first time, and you just think, ‘Wow, you’re that little person!’.”

Around a quarter of all pregnancies end in miscarriage, but it is not a topic women tend to talk openly about. Many woman are unaware the rate of miscarriage is so high and are devastated when they miscarry.

Once they knew the rate of miscarriages was so high, Lisa and Peter fell pregnant again only to suffer another miscarriage at eight weeks. The couple tried one last time but were met with the same fate.

“Obviously my eggs were done,” she said.

“If you’re lucky enough to have even one child, you think, ‘I’ve won the lottery, so I’m not going to push this anymore’.”

Many advocates for women’s health hope that Lisa’s openness on the subject will help other women who suffer from miscarriages to deal with the emotional impact it can have and to know that they are not alone when it comes to this heartbreaking issue.

Did you know the rate of miscarriages was so high? Do you think women should talk more openly about this issue?

  1. How sad for them , and how good of her to speak out ,others must suffer this loss and feel so alone 💐

  2. I miscarried, I was so upset. I felt only bad mothers loose their babies, in time I realised it was for the best as the baby had not formed properly. I went on to have another daughter. I then had my tubes tied as I never wanted to go through losing another baby

  3. Just when you think another person’s life is perfect – so sad for Lisa and Peter – but great that she is prepared to share with others who suffer.

  4. I was very lucky that I carried 2 healthy babies. I was 34 and 36 and due to blessed ignorance I did not even think about miscarrying. I cannot imagine how women feel who miscarry. I am feeling very blessed.

  5. Hundreds of women have miscarriages even some of them have three before they eventually have a baby, so what is all the fuss about Lisa.

    • Agree. A lot of us have been there (and in my case also lost a 10 day old baby). Some people just like the limelight.

    • She isn’t telling everyone to make a fuss. She is coming out with her story to make people aware of this important issue affecting women.

    • Elaine  

      So true as this is what happened to me.

  6. At the risk of sounding hard-hearted (and I’m really really not so) why do women want the ‘share’ with strangers these so very personal things. Bad pregnancies happen to the majority of women, it’s nothing new nor is it news-worthy.

  7. I was told, 42 years ago after the premature birth, and death, of my first, that there is a 1 in 4 chance of miscarriage of first pregnancy, 4th and later pregnancies. I had a tough time to have my 2 children out of 5 pregnancies, but do not dwell on my misfortune but am fortunate in what I have and ever grateful to them

  8. millions & millions of women have suffered this tragic loss……in silence.

    • No it is not, maybe if it is talked about then these women would be able to move on a bit better and not blame themselves for what happened.

    • Sandii Chan ….u missed my point….every woman who has suffered this loss (& husbands & partners as well) should be heard & given councel…..but all to often it is the woman herself who chooses to bear this horrible pain alone….I know from first hand experience how devastating to a family that can be.

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