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Osteoarthritis, the joint disease that develops on average between the ages of 45 and 90 years old, affects more than 1.6 million Australians and is a major cause of disability and poor quality of life. For years we’ve known that it affects more women than men and researches from Stanford University may have found why.

They discovered that walking in three inch heels changes the gait of a women – similar to that seen in ageing and arthritic knees. This finding could be an explanation to why women have such higher instances of osteoarthritis to men. According to the research paper, “Because women and men are observed to have similar knee biomechanics during barefoot walking, gender differences in footwear, specifically high-heeled shoes, have been implicated as a possible factor for the higher incidence of osteoarthritis in women.”




The researchers studied the gait of 14 women as they walked in different types of shoes, from flat trainers to heels that left the women teetering just over three inches off the ground. They found that the higher the heels were, the more their gait, including the movement of their knees, changed. The symptoms of osteoarthritis include, stiff, swollen and painful joints. This makes every day tasks like walking, difficult.

Writing in the Journal of Orthopaedic Research, the scientists said being overweight may make things even worse. They added, “Many of the changes observed with increasing heel height and weight were similar to those seen with ageing and osteoarthritis progression. This suggests that high heel use, especially in combination with additional weight, may contribute to increased osteoarthritis risk in women.”

So today tell us, is this a contributing factor for you? Did you wear high heels throughout your life or perhaps still now? Share your thoughts in the comments below… 

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  1. Why ask ladies only?

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    • Not high heels, but certain boots and shoes do have higher than average heels. I wear flat shoes but suffer from osteoarthritis. By the way Elsie, many non smokers have died from lung cancer.

    • I agree with you Percy but I don’t want people spraying cheap perfume on me, and I have been told some of these cheap perfumes contain urine !!

  2. So true if I wear high heels now on the odd occasion next day the legs ache.. How bout the change in toe shape from years of wearing high heels with pointy toes. Paying for it now… !!!!!

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  3. Yes! But that doesn’t explain why we get OA in our hands and neck etc!

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    • MY thoughts exactly Janet! MY Grandies only wear heels if they go out at night (rarely), certainly not all the time. I think obesity def plays a part.

  4. Yes I have it in my feet knees back hip and hands….I didn’t wear high heels very often and haven’t at all for years…very painful…I am 67

  5. Riddled from head to foot. Makes a misery out of life, makes you feel isolated, you can’t do what your mind wants to. You get to live on pain killers and slowly but surely you are lost. No-one can find the real you any longer. Apart from that life’s a blast. Live it.

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    • Stop eating wheat products. I have stopped eating all grains and have not had any medications for three weeks now. I have been unable to move some days but am feeling so much better

    • I’ve always (and do) eat wheat products Doreen! The only prob I hve is from wearing incorrect walking shoes for yrs. And that has improved now with correct treatment from a professional who knows what is best.

    • Seek out an acid free diet or foods that create Immflamation. You can find information in google. At least it will cut some of your pain.

    • You are not lost…we all hear you…one day at a time is my motto…Australia is bursting with over 60s…
      Mateship makes us strong.
      Happy Australia Day

    • Know how you feel. I too have arthritis have had two total hip replacements in the last two years only to get it so bad in my knee and was told that I need a total knee replacement as I could hardly walk. Fifteen days ago I used my Christmas gift from my daughter for the first time. Magnesium oil and honestly I have had no pain since. Keep on pinching myself wondering if this is going to last. Do yourself a favour and purchase some. This truly is a miracle and I am such a skeptic at the best of times. Cannot believe that i have not come across it sooner. Our bodies lack magnesium and hence health problems occur. I certainly have my life back. Read for yourself what they have to say on their website. Google amazing oils. Hope this is of some help to you. Good luck from one that can relate to your pain.

  6. I have it in the legs and Knees and after reading that it sounds like wearing heels may be the reason..if I could only go back in time!

  7. What about all of us who only wear sensible flat shoes what reason can we be given

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    • Diet. Too many processed foods and not enough naturally grown foods. We’ve been lied to in what constitutes a healthy diet.

  8. pity the women now who wear such high heels they can’t even walk in them properly. They are going to have massive problems, i reckon. I have aways worn for comfort.

  9. I hardly wore high heels. Mainly good work shoes or sneakers and I suffer with osteoarthritis spine and knees feet and hands.. I am 65 worked mainly on properties and went aged care nursing when 40. I dont wear high heels or flat flat shoes as I was told by a physio shoes should have some heel that flat shoes will course pain to your back and legs also which I find is the case.

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