Kerri-Anne Kennerley ‘wants her old life back’

Kerri-Anne Kennerley admits she is finding it hard to come to terms with the devastating injury that occurred when her

Kerri-Anne Kennerley admits she is finding it hard to come to terms with the devastating injury that occurred when her husband, John, had a freak accident earlier this year.

Speaking with Channel 7’s Sunday Night program, the 63-year-old openly admitted, “I had this new life to be quite frank. I just hate it. It’s awful.”

It was the first time John, 76, was able to talk about the accident at a golf tournament on the New South Wales north coast.

“We were just sitting on the verandah talking to a couple of women there and they as ‘Can we get a photo?’,” Kerri-Anne says.

She says that when John went to step out of the photograph he seems to have lost his balance and fell backwards.

While it wasn’t a particularly big fall, John says “I spearheaded off the top of it… I just landed on my head and neck. There was a crack.”

When he came to he realised he couldn’t move anything, not his arms and not his legs.

He had broken his neck and had severely damaged his spinal cord. John was placed into an induced coma and taken to Sydney where he had emergency surgery on his spine.

Kerri-Anne and John have been married for more than 30 years, and she admits the transition has been difficult.

“I want my old life back. And I want my husband back. I have my husband, we’re just different now,” Kerri-Anne says.

John has nothing but praise for his wife, though, and says “she’s never faulted”.

From bedside vigils held while he was in hospital to the support she has given him now that he has returned home, John says Kerri-Anne has been with him every day.

Has there been an occasion where your life has changed in a single moment? Tell us about it. Do you have any words of support for Kerri-Anne and John?

  1. Dianne Evans  

    Big unplanned life changes are always hard does not matter who you are and always worse when health is involved. Just have to keep going and find new ways of doing things. Good luck.

  2. Eileen  

    Surprise! KAK, you’re NEVER going to get your ‘old life back’!

    There’re people much worse off than you two, both in injury, & have NO money!

    Think of the Brisbane man whose wife had to make the devastating decision to have ALL his limbs’ amputated just to keep him alive, as virus ate away at him!

    They’re not wealthy like you two!
    His prostheses’ cost HUNDREDS’ of THOUSANDS’ of $$$!
    But his attitude is absolutely marvellous!
    He just gets ‘on with it’, with the help of his loving wife, & children.

    Not like yours’, KAK, ‘oh! poor me, I want my old life back’!

    Your ‘mode of dress’ of late, at ‘red carpet’ events’, leaves much to be desired.
    Disgusting, poorly chosen, & unco-ordinated!
    Who do you want to see you dressed like that? Not your husband, that’s for sure!

    Maybe you should take a leaf out of Dame Helen Mirren’s fashion wear!
    She’s always dressed correctly, in suitable clothes’, at ANY time!

    • Jayjen  

      Really no need to be so nasty and vindictive. We are all different and cope with life and what it throws at us differently. I always maintain it is easier to be pleasant. It is much harder to be so unpleasant every day surely.

    • Gail  

      Why are you so bitter towards Kerrie? Everyones pain is different. It is very hard being a carer for someone you love. She’s only venting her frustrations. I think she dresses lovely and whats that got to do with her caring for her husband. It doesn’t matter how much money one has you still feel the pain the same way as everyone else.

    • Virginia Goodsell  

      So judgemental!! Until you walk in someone elses shoes you have no idea how you would feel. I believe your comments to be shallow, cruel and irrelevant. If you cannot say something constructive then it is better to say nothing at all.

  3. Barbara James  

    I can understand how she feels as my 64 year old husband has just been diagnosed with an aggressive form of dementia with a life span of 7 years and those years will not be carefree. After years of struggle here we thought that with retirement coming upon us and a little (and I mean little) extra cash we could enjoy life. Now the coming years will be doctors, physio and home care until the day comes when he will have to go into a nursing home waiting for the end which we have been told is not pleasant. The good thing is that he doesn’t know all this as I have kept the worst from him so that he can enjoy his life while possible.

  4. Nina  

    Yes, after 40 years’ married, my husband ‘decided’ he wanted to be ‘an independent, single person’.

    He’s Aspergers’. Something of which I was not aware during the marriage.

    Yes, he’d some ‘quirky’ things about him, like breaking drinking glasses constantly, but I just put that down to ‘clumsiness’, but with THREE Degrees’, & two successful careers’, it wasn’t noticed by me. I thought that was just ‘him’, & I just ‘accepted’ it.

    So I’ve had to ‘start again’, like many 1000’s of other women, in comparable situations’.
    It’s been absolutely overwhelming at times’. I cry myself to sleep many a night.

    But, I just take one day at a time.
    I’ve had to do things which I NEVER thought I’d ever have to do in my life!

    Getting simple things done, strangely, like a light bulb having to be changed, having to get the lawn mowed, are some of the hardest.

    But I’m a ‘survivor’, thank God, & will just keep pushing through the endless hurt, humiliation, anger, & deep depression, as best I can.

  5. Gail  

    How mean you all are. OK so they have some money – some others have it much worse – but that does not make their time any less harrowing. Have a little charity in your thinking. Kerri-Anne was making a comment that anyone would make in the circumstances. I wish them all the very best for the future. I also wish everyone else who is suffering, mentally as well as physically, the very best for Christmas and for the future.

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