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A 100-year-old woman has recently completed a 1,500-metre swim in 16 minutes. Sky News reports that Mieko Nagaoka now holds the world record for the oldest woman to complete the race.

Amazingly, Mieko only took up the sport 20 years ago at the age of 80.

This achievement reflects the findings of a recent Australian study into the correlation between exercise habits, overall health and life expectancy. The study found that working up a sweat through vigorous exercise has massive health benefits such as decreasing inflammation of joints, reducing blood pressure and reducing the fats in our blood.

The study recognised that that plight to get Australians moving through physical activity neglected to focus on the kind of movement that we should have been focusing on. Researcher Klaus Gebel, stated that was that people who did vigorous exercise were 13 per cent less likely to die prematurely than people who did only moderate exercise.

However researchers cautioned that even if you are not in the mood for an intense activity does not mean that you should give up the chance exercise altogether. The more physical activity you can do, the better.

Why not give this a try? It is never too late to begin your fitness journey, just as Mieko did.


What are your exercise habits like? Do you think you should move more?

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  1. Isn’t she fantastic. NO chance of me beating that record. I can’t swim.

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    • In the “good ole days” we were born into, school teachers method was simply to throw you in. I didn’t come up again splashing and fighting like the other kids. I stayed on the bottom. School swimming teacher finally decided to jump in and get me. So nice of him. Did I even decide learning to swim was a good idea? I think not.

  2. I walked 7 kms.along and across the rural hills and a mountain in Hongkong last Saturday.That was a one off, I still am recovering.This Japanese lady is phenomenal.

  3. “A 100-year-old woman has recently completed a 1,500-metre swim in 16 minutes.” Wow. Now that is some swim for a 100+ year old since the Olympic record is a bit over 14 and a half minutes. I think if you tack an hour onto her time you will be pretty close to being correct 🙂 She did extremely well to even complete the distance. It is also a great reminder as to just how much exercise can do for us as we age. And another good example of “use it or lose it”.

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