It turns out your toilet isn't the dirtiest place in your house

We’re all used to taking a deep breath and holding it for as long as we can while we clean the toilet, lest we breathe in any of those nasty toilet germs. But it turns out all that effort was for nothing as the humble toilet is actually one of the cleanest places in the house.

New research has revealed some surprising results about where bugs are living in our homes, with tap water, floors and carpets taking the top spots as the main culprits.

A team of scientists found that airborne bugs make their way around our homes thanks to us kicking up dust and dirt from carpets and floors or bringing them inside with us from the outdoors. And while many of us try our best to keep a clean home, it seems we might be fighting a losing battle.

Tap water was perhaps the most surprising contender on the list producing 9% of airborne bacteria compared to just 0.4% from the toilet bowl. Even people who have a filtered water tap in their kitchen would be exposed to these bugs thanks to the close proximity to the main tap and sink.

There’s even more bad new for those of us living in Australia as our hot climate means we often leave doors and windows open, which allows more bugs and bacteria seep indoors. Pets were also a a huge contributor to the bug factor and had a weighty impact on the amount of bacteria in a home.

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It’s not all bad though and it’s important to remember that not all germs are bad for us. In fact, exposure to a little bit of bacteria can be good for our immune system and general health, helping us to fight off disease later in life and ward off common ailments.

Were you surprised by these results? Do you think a small amount of germs is good for us?