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Sugary drinks have long been known to be harmful to our health, but in a brave move, a new report has taken an ‘educated guess’ at the global death toll due to these types of beverages.

The study appeared in the latest edition of the Circulation journal, a highly respected publication from the American Heart Association. Its educated guess places the annual death toll caused by consumption of soft drinks, sports drinks, fruit drinks and other sweetened beverages at a touch over 184,000.

It breaks down the numbers of deaths due to sugary drinks in this way:

  • Diabetes – 133,000
  • Heart disease – 45,000
    Cancer – 6,450

“There are no health benefits from sugar-sweetened beverages, and the potential impact of reducing consumption is saving tens of thousands of deaths each year,” the study’s senior author Dr Dariush Mozaffarian said.

Leading Australian nutritionist Dr Rosemary Stanton has long been a critic of Australia’s love of sugary drinks, and is a leading member of the Australian Government’s Dietary Guidelines Working Committee.

That committee has recommended that everyone should limit their intake of sugary drinks, and in fact singled out people who are short, inactive or overweight. But not only in drinks. The Australian committee has been recommending since 2003 that we consume only moderate amounts of foods containing added sugar.

Stanton has had this to say about the danger of drinking too many of these type of drinks:

“If you take in calories in liquid form then you don’t eat less of anything, but if you eat a piece of bread you will under most circumstances eat a bit less of something else”,

“This whole problem of obesity and diet is not confined to any single food. It’s just that the evidence is very strong for sugar-sweetened drinks”.

As healthy replacements, Stanton recommends tea and coffee, and of course water.

The other problem with drinking too many sugar-heavy drinks is the danger it poses to your dental health. This I found out in my last dental appointment, with my dentist making particular mention of sports drinks.

Of course the industry body for sugar-based drinks have spoken out against this study.

“Focusing on soft drink consumption alone misses the bigger picture of the causes of chronic diseases,” Australian Beverages Council CEO Geoff Parker told AAP.

What do you think? Have you cut down your consumption of these types of drinks? If yes, was it based on medical advice, or common sense?

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  1. The drink responsible for the most deaths in the world is WATER. Especially India n Asia.

    4 REPLY
    • Helen Absolon its debatable.
      Water had been fluoridated in my suburb when I was a baby. I had hardly any teeth issues, except they are slow to grow and fall our and are crooked. I probably needed braces.
      My younger sister has straight looking teeth but they have lots of issues

  2. Have been cutting out diet drinks,they are just as bad! I’m for the most part now drinking sparkling water,because the evidence of the harm I was doing to my body with the sugary drinks,is too high to ignore. It has been really hard to break this addiction,and I do fall down a bit still!

  3. I agree, my husband drank copious amonnts of coke and other high sugar drinks and food. He now has T2 diabetes and has had stents in the arteries around his heart. Complete change of diet over the last 12 months saved his life.

  4. Never been a big consumer of sugary drinks, not even sugar in tea or coffee, but didn’t stop me from contracting T2 diabetes, it’s in the gene’s unfortunately. Water or red wine for me.

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    • Same here Gaye, I can by pass the red. but like the occasional glass of pink moscato

  5. old news ,you can lead a horse to water,people will drink this shit and then will want to be saved when it all catchs up on them. in the mean time fat cats get rich while people dye

  6. Actually I have a friend who was having heart problems. After numerous tests it was discovered that it was the diet coke she was drinking. Stopped drinking heart problems stopped.

  7. This message is being consistently delivered to us and this article explains why sugary drinks are causing so much health concern.

  8. I never drink soft drink,pre packaged juices etc,but I must admit I like a couple of wines most days,drink a lot of green tea,not too much coffee.

  9. I have always preferred water, straight from the tap, makes you realise how lucky we are!

  10. Have never liked soft drinks and now never have them at all. Am allergic to alcohol so these days stick to plain water, green or black tea and a little fruit juice when out. I don’t ad sugar to anything much and do not use the artificial sweeteners, I’ll use Stevia for some things. My T2 was not caused by my diet but by heredity and an odd hormonal system that has plagued me for most of my life.

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