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We’ve seen some of the more bizarre ways of looking youthful but this has to take the cake…instead of leaving your face as it is, fine hairs and all, there has been a new fad revealed: shave your face.

Yes, shave your face. But wait, isn’t that something that only men should do? Not at all, according tot eh women who swear by this unconventional way beauty regime.

Of course, women aren’t exempt from facial hair, but most choose other options for removing hair, as we fear stubble or thicker hair growth. Apparently, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe loved shaving their faces, as do a lot more women than are willing to admit. According to an article by The Independent, some women are throwing out their creams and instead are simply shaving off their facial hairs. Editor of The Beauty Bean, Alexis Wolfer told Byrdie that lady face shaving is “definitely a thing – one reason men are thought to get fewer wrinkles is that they’re constantly exfoliating their faces every time they shave, literally shaving away the outermost layers of skin and encouraging your skin to create new layers”.

Those ladies who shave their face say there has been improved smoothness and absorption. For those wanting to try shaving, but about worried about a difference in hair growth, skin expert Karen Varker told Fairfax that “There is no evidence to suggest that shaving encourages hair to grow back thicker and in fact some studies from the US indicate there is no difference in the hair growth due to shaving”, however there may be visible stubble.

If you really want to get rid of wrinkles and have minimal stubble, an exfoliating cleanser and moisturiser works just as well.


What do you think about facial shaving (aka dermaplaning)? Would you try it? Or have you tried it? What was your experience?

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  1. Carolyn Manzo from The Real Housewives of New Jersery actually did Shave in natural setting, talking with her husband from her bathroom, she said she’s shaved for years. She also has smooth cheeks, so…

  2. I knew an older lady who used to shave, and she had STUBBLE!!! No way would I do it.

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    • I think if you spent 5 mins each day there would be no problem with stubble, I know a couple of women who do it & I’ve never noticed stubble.

  3. been shaving my face and then moisterising for years and at almost 72 not a wrinkle in sight …

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    • I’ve seen quite a few articles about this lately & know a couple of women who do it as well, they say it’s great for working facial muscles as well & helps with the face sagging ( makes a lot of sense ) it also gets rid of all the fuzz that you cant get with plucking, I’m all for it, & makeup looks so much better on a smooth face.

    • Carol in the article it says in studies done this was not true, & I’ve never noticed stubble or dark hairs on the women I know that do it.

    • Hair doesn’t grow back thicker and stronger. It may seem that way because of the blunt cut rather than a more natural pointed end.

    • Carol Walker, I don’t have any probs with stubble – dark or otherwise … maybe it’s because I always moisturise afterwards … been doing this for about 20yrs !

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