Is health the new wealth? 
By Starts at 60 WritersIn HealthOn Tuesday 27th Jan, 2015

Is health the new wealth? 

We all know the saying, ‘the rich get richer’ but what about a more recent phenomenon – the rich get healthier? To live a healthy lifestyle costs an exorbitant amount. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, “health bragging has become the ultimate boast” instead of showing off our new car or designer handbag, it is now more acceptable to express your privilege and luxury with an expression of wellness.

For instance, this cohort attend trendy fitness classes, drink green smoothies, take vitamins and supplements and of course, will have the latest workout outfit for each activity. So unlike the single big purchase items to show wealth in the past, this wellness symbol has become a daily habit.

Allegedly, people are investing in themselves as if they are a product they want to last longer. For instance, instead of buying a cheap and cheerful meal at a fast food restaurant, people are beginning to view these day-to-day choices as having a life-long impact on their health and happiness. They are striving to live longer so justify this wellness lifestyle despite the cost. Although if wellness is considered the new status symbol and trend, will it decline or is it possible to sustain this lifestyle? Shouldn’t healthy living be a way of life rather than a status symbol?

The Sydney Morning Herald suggests that “while we can’t all get rich, we can all get healthy, or at least try”. However, as we’ve just pointed out, this healthy lifestyle is expensive so can we really all get healthy?

Do you feel the pressure to jump on the health trend bandwagon? What are your thoughts on this social issue? Share with us below!

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