Incredible research could help diabetes sufferers use 40% less medication

Nearly 1 million Australians live with Type 2 diabetes, and many of them are prescribed regular medications to manage their insulin

Nearly 1 million Australians live with Type 2 diabetes, and many of them are prescribed regular medications to manage their insulin levels. Now, a new approach has reduced the need for diabetes medication by up to 40 per cent! 

In conjunction with several Australian universities, the CSIRO has determined a program of diet and exercise which is highly effective in reducing the need for medication. The diet involves very little sugar or carbohydrates, and instead encourages protein and unsaturated fats.

“Health professionals have been divided over the best dietary approach for managing Type 2 diabetes, and the ongoing uncertainty is a hotly debated topic amongst clinicians and researchers”, explained Associate Professor Grant Brinkworth, principal researcher at the CSIRO.

“These research results are ground breaking”, said Professor Brinkworth about the two-year study. “The most amazing benefit of the low carbohydrate diet was the reduction in the patient’s medication levels, which was (an average of 40%)”.

“Some of the participants managed to cease their medications altogether, and many described the study as life changing”, Professor Brinkworth added. “Traditional dietary approaches for managing Type 2 diabetes could be outdated, we really need to review the current dietary guidelines”.

Should diet and exercise be used to treat a wider variety of diseases? Are you surprised by these latest findings?

  1. I stopped medication about 2 years ago ( against doctors advice) & changed diet & started exercise & have been able to control my diabetes
    To many studies are controlled by funding from The Large Drug Companies

  2. I have had type 2 diabetes and manage it with low GI eating and daily tai chi. I take one 500g diabex tablet and my blood sugar levels remain consistently stable! Tai chi lowers blood sugar and helps me deal with stress which normally raises my blood sugar. So I have a win/win situation! I’m grateful for medication and discovering tai chi.

  3. Diagnosed as GTI over 15 years ago and type 2 10 years ago almost 70 and still not on medication for diabetes. Only once in 10 years has hba1c gone over 7. Sensible eating of the correct foods and exercise is the key. And yes I still enjoy a beer and the occasional drop of red with dinner.

  4. Amazing how long it takes for the CSIRO to come on board. How long have we known this but have been rubbished by mainstream medical fraternity?

  5. Pamela  

    Too much protein will do your kidneys in! 😛

  6. Elaine  

    This is old news and have stopped the drugs, thrown all diabetic books (including the Low GI garbage) into the rubbish. Low Carb and High fat (saturated) have led to areduction of sugar levels. Saturated fat is not the enemy, this has now been noted by medical people around the world but not the CSIRO, Why????
    For years I followed medical advice and all that happened was to keep my dependence on drugs, not sure the reasoning with this advice.
    At the moment I am trying to get into Ketosis by limiting carbs to less than 20 grams a day a challenge and one that is producing results. ok Now of my soap box.

  7. I have lost 24kg and gained good health. I exercise when I feel like it and not as a chore. We changed to LCHF – low carb high fat and my husband came off insulin within 4 weeks. We eat 20g carbs a day and are never hungry. Diabetes was known as “carbohydrate Intolerance”. The CSIRO have not gone far enough and dont really understand diabetes. Why start the day with a sugar fix?? Cereal is high carb and carbs convert to glucose (sugar) when eaten. Doh!!!

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